Tuesday, July 14, 2015

22 Months

 I have no idea how time is passing so fast, but I can't believe that in 2 short months Lucy and Clara will be two years old! About a month after that they will become big sisters and we will become a family of 5!

Funny faces in the tub.
Standing on the puzzle we had just completed 
Riding on Togie

Play date with friends
Pool party with more friends
Lunch break
Crossing the street with Pop Pop

Checking out the penguins at the zoo
First boat ride of the year
W's Father's Day gift

Starting to see a theme yet?
Visiting family in NJ

It's hard to tell from this picture, but this is them telling each other "I love you" in sign language. They've been doing it with us for a while but just started with each other. So sweet!
Lucy- You are such a busy little girl. You are so active and have no fear. You love to be pushed on the swing as high and as fast as possible. You slide down the slide head first for pop-pop and love to run laps around the house. I often look over to find you sitting on top of our dog Togie or hugging a Sesame Street doll. You are able to recognize pink and purple and request them first always when coloring. You love playing with your baby doll stroller and coloring. You are doing a lot more pretend play with baby dolls or stuffed animals. You love carrots, applesauce, yogurt, and meatballs. You are still willing to try new foods most times and generally eat well. You have decided you love juice and smoothies. I have smoothies for breakfast most mornings and you love having some of your own. You are trying so hard to go pee on the potty but still haven't succeeded. We have a book that you quote while sitting on the potty. You say, "sit, sit, try, try...go" because the book says "You'll sit and you'll sit and you'll try and you'll try and soon you will go". I can't believe how much you're talking. I would almost say you're using words more than signs or gestures at this point. A lot of your words sound the same so people unfamiliar with your speech don't always know what you're saying, but that's to be expected. You've started to be more kind and thoughtful about your sister. You'll bring her things or act upset when she is. It's nice to see the relationship become a little more two-sided. You have a new canine tooth on the top and are working on the other top one. You have so many teeth now! I can't believe how smart you are and how many concepts and words you seem to understand. You're still our tiny little peanut who thinks she's mama's "baby".

Clara- I'm so amazed by how much your speech has exploded this past month. You are talking so much all of a sudden and are so proud of yourself. You're pretend play skill have also taken off. You use the kitchen set and pretend to cook, feed and kiss your babies, and play with little people and furniture with a little house we have. You don't like to walk as much as your sister and prefer to be carried. I really hope you change your tune on that soon as it's exhausting carrying you everywhere. You've recently decided your Sesame Street dolls have to go everywhere with you. You're not great about trying new foods, but seem to eat a wider variety more consistently than your sister. You also love yogurt and applesauce, but love fruit a lot too. You love peas and pasta and will often let your sister feed you. It's so cute how you pat each other's backs when you're coughing. You have such a kind heart and are always thinking of others. You are so kind to your sister and often will give up the more desirable item for her. You got a new canine tooth on the bottom. The canines have been really tough for you. You went weeks with having both hands almost constantly in your mouth while drool poured out the sides of your mouth. It was no surprise to me when you came down with a cold. Your doctor also thinks you may have gotten a bladder infection as you started acting really sensitive about diaper changes and going on the potty. Unfortunately we've seen some regression with the potty, but that's okay. We just started antibiotics so hopefully should see some improvement soon. You're turning into such a big girl before my eyes. You're so smart, caring, and fiercely opinionated when you want to be. I love you so, so much Miss Clara! 

Clara looks so much like my mom as a baby

The girls are really starting to play more with each other. It's not uncommon to hear them giggling while playing together. They still have their moments, but they seem to be enjoying each other much more. They will often feed each other at dinner and pat one another's back if one is coughing. That often leads to fake coughing for more back patting. They are sharing their toys better and learning empathy for each other. It's so amazing to watch them learn and grow, side by side. 

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