Sunday, July 19, 2015


Early Friday morning I got the call I was dreading. I was a nurse at my drs office calling to "discuss some lab results". I knew it didn't mean good things.  

She first told me the "good news". My platelets continue to remain low, but they haven't changed. The fact that they're staying stable is good. Apparently being below 100,000 may mean I can't have an epidural if I so decide. Mine have been staying around 125,000 and hopefully will continue to. Being on blood thinners is not helping to improve this. 

The "bad news" was that I failed my 1 hour glucose test. I wasn't surprised, just super disappointed. 

The cutoff at my old drs office was 140. My new office has a much lower cutoff of 130. I got a 145 on the test. 

The nurse gave me two options: take the three hour test, or start testing my blood sugar levels four times a day. 

I had gestational diabetes with my last pregnancy so I wouldn't be surprised if I failed the three hour test. In all fairness though, I think I had a false positive on the test. My blood sugar levels were a never high when I was eating a somewhat altered diet. I don't think they were ever above 130 and that's after a pasta dinner. 

As of right now I'm scheduled to take the test on Thursday. I'm planning to take it locally where I know I can at least walk between the hours. It's just so unrealistic and feels like it's setting me up for failure. Who really wakes up and drinks 100 grams of super processed sugar and then sits around for three hours? I know I pretty much never get the chance to sit for three hours. 

I still haven't completely decided, but all of it is stressing me out big time. I'm debating cleaning up my diet and asking to retake the 1 hour test. That was what my chiropractor/nutritionist recommended. My diet really isn't too bad but I need to be better about more protein and less sugar. Either way, I obviously need to make those changes. Wish me luck! 


  1. Those stupid GD tests are so ridiculous. My friend who eats CRAZY healthy failed it spectacularly, and her provider admitted that the test actually failed people whose bodies had no idea how to process sugar like that and had her specifically eat a bowl of pasta and carbo load 48 hrs before she retook the 1 hr test and then she passed. I wouldn't stress too much about it if I was you if you truly are eating well. <3

    1. Oh - and feel free to scroll down this page and read the research I did on the GD test -

      Evidence Based Birth: Gestational Diabetes and the Glucola Test
      "To this day, researchers still don’t know the answers to a lot of questions about screening for gestational diabetes. This is what I gathered from reading the most up-to-date literature:
      We don’t know the best screening test for gestational diabetes.
      We don’t know the best time during pregnancy to screen for gestational diabetes.
      We don’t know if you need to fast beforehand.
      We don’t know if the best cut-off point for the test.
      We don’t know if screening the entire population results in improved outcomes. "