Monday, May 6, 2013


I'm sure this pregnancy and then becoming a mommy will mean plenty of firsts for me. The past few days mark a big one though. 

We have movement! I think I had been feeling it for a little bit but was expecting something different. I was expecting something to feel like "flutters" as everyone else described it. Honestly, it really wasn't as subtle as I was expecting it to be. To me it feels more like a little cramp or nudge in one spot. Since then I've been feeling lots of movement. There is definitely movement in two distinct spots. 

This may be TMI, but the other night when I was peeing it felt like Baby A decided to kick my bladder at the same time. I've never experienced any pain during urination, but this time there was. I haven't had it again so I'm assuming that's what it was. Thanks little one, that was a hoot!

Baby A is tucked down super low in the middle and Baby B is off to my right side, also pretty low. Most times I feel one moving at a time but I few times I've felt it in both spots at the same time. It's going to get crazy in there!

It's absolutely amazing to feel them wiggling around. They move a lot when I'm still (like lying in bed or on the couch). I just love them so much! Feeling them move makes it so much more real. 

I also saw a chiropractor last Thursday for my round ligament pain. I found her at the baby expo and won an initial visit. She specializes in pregnancy. She took a complete history and we chatted for a bit. To be honest, I didn't love the way she presented some information. She's also a nutritionist. She didn't think the prenatal vitamin I took was any good, she though I was on a lot of medications, she didn't like Tums for heartburn, etc. She made a comment at one point about how easily and quickly she and her husband got pregnant. I just don't think she understood infertility and the things we will do to have a baby when it's not easy. Despite the not so great presentation of some information, I felt amazing after. I have felt really minimal round ligament pain since the adjustment. It's so much better than the constant pain I was getting. I'm going back again tomorrow and hoping there will be less talking and more adjusting this time. It's all worth it to get rid of that constant pain I was having. It helped a lot. 

Otherwise, things are great. W did a lot of yard work this weekend while I kept him company (aka watched). Things are looking really great outside the house.

I've also been crafting mobiles for the cribs out of felt. I will definitely post a picture when they are done. We picked our theme/bedding for the nursery and they go with that. I found one like it on Etsy for $130 and got the idea that way. It's a lot of work but I enjoy doing it. 

We went to Ithaca Sunday for a little bit and found the newborn diapers we have been buying used. I haven't seen them used anywhere yet so it was pretty exciting. I'm fine with buying used ones, especially when they look brand new. All our babies are going to do is poop in them anyway. We got 5 diapers for $75. It sure beats the $18.95 we have been paying for each one. We also brought the dogs to the dog park and went for a walk. It was a wonderful day. 

I love how happy we are. It really feels amazing to be in this place after all the sadness we experienced leading up to this point. W looks at me all the time and just smiles. We are just so grateful to finally be here. 


  1. So great you are feeling movement now. that must make it feel just a little bit more real. I am waiting for that still. I have also been told it feels like flutters so I am sort of waiting for that sensation. Maybe I should be more open to any unusual sensation.

  2. Movement is the most amazing thing. I loved it from the minute I first felt it. Just wait til your 30 weeks and they kick all night and keep you up:)))))

  3. O! M! G! This post is so beautiful and happy. I am so excited for you and I hope that I can feel the same some day. Keep up the great baby-making-work. I can't wait to hear more about your growing bundles of joy.

  4. Hooray for great things! I'm a little more convinced that what I've been feeling the past couple of weeks really is movement. Mine's pretty vague, but it basically feels like something small wriggling around inside!

    And great diaper find! Are you going all sized or just newborns and then one-size? Since I and my cousins were good-sized newborns, I'm hoping I can get away with a week or two of disposables and then go straight into one-size AIOs. Different story with twins, though, of course! So exciting!

  5. Sounds like a great week! So glad the chiro helped with your pain, even if her comments were insensitive. Congrats on the movement! So exciting!

  6. Yea! Your post made me so happy!!

  7. YAY! That's so awesome that you're feeling movement already. I didn't until early 20s b/c of an anterior placenta and it bummed me out. So reassuring to feel those little pops!

    How great to find some discount diapers too!

  8. I'm so glad you guys are feeling so good and happy. That is awesome. I can only imagine how it must be to feel the babies move. Pregnancy and birth truly is such a Miracle. I mean, you have two BABIES INSIDE of you for gosh sake. Amazing.