Saturday, May 18, 2013

Anatomy Ultrasound

On Thursday we had our long awaited anatomy scan. I hadn't seen the babies or doctor in a few weeks so was a little nervous about it all. Luckily, my doppler and growing belly both assured me the babies were growing away. 

For a while W said he didn't want to find out what we were having. Ever since I tried to take a peek around 15 weeks I've wanted to know. It's hard to picture your family in the future without a clue as to who is going to be in it. Having twins makes it even more overwhelming when you don't know what is coming. 

Our appointment was at 2:00 and the tech was prompt in getting us in. She first asked if we wanted to find out and we said we weren't sure. She said that we had plenty of time to think about it and started the scan. 

She first looked at baby A. She measured bones, looked and the heart, measured the CRL (crown-rump length), measured the head, and a bunch of other stuff. The baby was moving around quite a bit but she was able to get the measurements. The heartbeat was in the upper 150's. As she measured and looked at things she checked off little boxes on another screen. She checked normal for everything and told us the baby looked great. 

She then moved on to baby B. Once again our mover and shaker, this baby made it a little more difficult to get good measurements. It measured slightly bigger and had moved back "upstairs" rather than "next door" to its sibling. It was feisty and was pushing and kicking the other baby. They looked so close together. Once again, the heartbeat was in the 150's and every box was checked as normal. 

I asked about 4D and the tech switched over. Baby A would only show the back of its head but baby B actually cooperated. There are some pretty neat pictures from that. We got a ton of pictures!

So at the end the tech asked again if we wanted to know. I looked at W and I could tell he he was holding strong, but he said it wasn't up to him. Earlier in the week I had pulled the "it's my body" card and he had no argument with that one. The curiosity had started to get to me. 

I asked the tech if she got a good view and had an idea. She said she did. I then asked if they were the same or different sexes and she told they were the same. She looked at me and said, "Are we going to play 20 questions or just find out?" As soon as I knew they were the same sexes I had to know. She then told us we were going to have 2 little GIRLS!!! I was so shocked. I had been convinced it was 2 boys so couldn't believe it. She went and took another look and confirmed that there were no little penises and that there were in fact 2 little girls. I looked at W with a beaming smile and his face was complete disbelief. 

The tech send me to the bathroom me for a urine sample while she organized and cut up the photos for us. As I sat on the toilet smiling I almost forgot about peeing in the cup. 

After giving us the photos we were sent into the waiting room to wait to see the doctor. W and I smiled and were just so surprised about our girls. 

Eventually we were called back in. The nurse sent W to the exam room while she took my blood pressure and weight. I was up 3 pounds from the last time I was there and my blood pressure was great. She asked if we knew we were having twins before today and I said we did. Then she asked about the genders and I'm sure could sense my excitement. Once done I headed down to the room to wait with W. The nurse poked her head in the room and said to W, "Congratulations on your daughters!" His face was priceless. 

The doctor came in and measured my uterus. I once again measured 6 weeks ahead and was 24 weeks. He pulled out the doppler and listened to their heartbeats and answered a few of my questions. Everything was easy and done with quickly. He said he wanted to see me back in 3 weeks so we scheduled an appointment at the front desk and headed on our way. 

From there we headed over to my friend T's hospital room to meet up Toni and Skype with our other fertility buddy. When I told them the room erupted with excitement and it was such a great moment. Hugs all around and huge smiles from everyone!

  I insisted after leaving the hospital that we go to the mall. We did a lot of browsing at various stores but didn't buy anything since all of the clothes are so summery. W said he had a feeling the price of having these babies just exponentially increased and I agreed. I was so excited to be able to go to the girls side of the store and look at all of the adorable items. Everything was just so cute!

Since Thursday we have been absorbing the news. I'm really glad we found out because it really changes my thinking. I was sure I was going to have at least 1 boy and had been thinking that way. Things change when you know who is growing inside of you. I think W is still a little disappointed that we found out, but he said he is excited about having 2 girls. When he said something last night about taking care of his 3 girls it made my heart melt. 

We also did Facetime with my Dad and step-mom last night. Since there are all boys everywhere in that part of the family they were super excited. My step-mom pumped her fist and screamed out in excitement and my Dads excitement could be heard in the background. My sister is so excited to be able to buy cute little girly stuff since she has a little boy. Tonight we are telling my MiL at her birthday dinner and she is going to lose it. W joked that she should bring an extra pair of underwear. In addition to the present we already got her we are wrapping up two little pairs of socks and marking the boxes baby A and baby B and letting her pick which one she wants to open first. She is going to be so excited. Once again, there are all boys on that part of the family. We will also Skype tonight with my Mom and step-dad who are in Costa Rica. I can't wait to see my mom's reaction. I know she was hoping for at least 1 girl. In that part of the family there are also mostly boys. 

We are still planning to do the nursery pretty neutral. I don't want everything to be super girly. Maybe that will change in time but for now I don't want to be surrounded in pink. 

All in all, I couldn't be happier that we have 2 healthy baby girls on the way. I can't wait to meet them this fall. 


  1. Congrats!!! 2 girls!!! How awesome! We are also having two girls and I can totally relate to your excitement! :) :) So happy for you both!

  2. OMG I am so excited fro you!!!! congratulations girl :)

  3. OMG!!!! I have goosebumps all over! :) Two girls!!!! :) :)

  4. Congrats!! Two girls are so much fun!!

  5. YAY!!!! Two girls!!! That's so exciting!

  6. Yay!!!! So happy for you both....healthy baby girls!!!!

  7. Ahhhh!! That is SO exciting hon!! Girls rock! :)

  8. Two girls! It's so exciting just knowing the baby's sex (well, both babies', in your case) and being able to visualize the future a little better!

  9. YAYYYYYYY!!!!! I knew you would have at least one girl in there! I'm so glad you found out-for me, I felt I was more able to bond with the baby, once I knew what it was! I say go shopping now for next summer and buy whatever size they'll be. After all, you'll probably get mostly small size clothes at your shower(s) ;)And little sun dresses are just the cutest!!!

  10. Yay yay yay!! I love this post so much! I love W's reactions. Congrats on two growing baby girls!

  11. I smiled so big when I saw this post. Congrats on two little girls!

  12. YEA!! Congrats!! I got chills reading this post. I'm so happy for you and your healthy growing baby girls!!

  13. So exciting! I think all the bloggers I know with twins all have boy/girl or boy/boy. It was time a girl/girl came about! I am so happy for you both.

  14. Congrats on your girls! SO very exciting. :)

  15. Yay! I am having 2 girls as well. I also was pretty sure there was at least one boy in there. I am with you on keeping the nursery neutral. If these girls are anything like I was, they will want a pink frilly room when they are older so I'll keep it simple for now.

  16. Congrats on your HEALTHY little GIRLS!! That has to be so exciting for you! Have fun shopping for pink - although I think girls can look pretty cute in blue too ;)

  17. I had tears in my eyes while reading this (although im bit late since today is june23:). I'm really happy you are about to get what you were trying so hard for.
    And as for W's priceless facial expression...I saw something on my husband's face when his brother got a baby boy. I'm dreaming to see that once we have ours:)