Monday, May 27, 2013

Baby Birds

It's spring here in Upstate NY. The trees are flowing, the grass is growing at an insane rate, the gardens are perking up, and there are tons of nests with eggs or baby birds everywhere. 

Last week I was doing a speech session at a house at their dining room table and looked out the window to the back deck. That was where I discovered a bird's nest with 4 little babies stretching their necks up as high as possible chirping away. 
These birds were so distracting to me and so many thoughts raced through my head as I watched them. The mommy bird came a few times with things to feed them and quickly flew away again. 

The following thoughts entered my mind:

Will my babies be that demanding when they are hungry? 
Is chirping loudly more pleasant than screaming for food?
Was the mama happy she was able to leave or did she just feel like she was out working to feed her babies?
 Will I wish I could leave in a few months just for a little break or will I be glad I don't have to go hunting for food?
Were those babies ever satisfied?
Did they ever just sleep?
Is this what parenting babies is like?
Will feeding babies be as easy as regurgitating some worms?
Man, I'm glad I'm not having quads!
Why was I getting paid to think about baby birds?

Of course so many of these questions are ridiculous, but I couldn't help but picture myself as a mom to multiples while I watched this mama bird. She had it tough and her babies didn't give her a break. 

As it gets closer to meeting our girls I get so excited but I also get overwhelmed as I think about parenting two little infants. I know it will be amazing, but I also know it isn't going to be easy to start. 


  1. What a great picture of the baby birds. I am sure that there will be some similarities between baby birds and your baby girls..... They bothwill need their moms to find and teach them

  2. Yes. Your babies will be demanding (at times). Yes, you'll want to leave for a little alone Target time (or wherever). Your babies will probably sleep A LOT in the very beginning. I think that's nature's way of allowing parents to ease slowly into things ;)

    You'll be great. And you'll love it-maybe not **every** second, but it will be spectacular :)

  3. Amazing to see baby birds that close! I worry about all those things too. I think it's normal, but twice as much since you have twins coming. You will be an amazing Momma!