Thursday, August 9, 2012


Work has been particularly emotionally draining lately. There are a few issues that are getting to me.

1. The child I see who is in foster care. I was seeing him when he was home and didn't see any huge issues. I am a mandated reporter so have to report things if I see them. He was removed from the house because his parents refused medical treatment for him when they took him to the hospital with a high fever. Since then I have been seeing him once a week at the county office building during his supervised visitation with his parents. The other visit is done at the foster family's house. The biological parents are good about knowing I don't want to get involved and that I am there for the child. Well, the bio mom just had another baby. She had no idea that they were considering taking the baby. They baby was born on Thursday and never went home with mom. Instead, on Monday the judge ruled that the baby would go to the foster family. I can't help but feel horrible for this mother. She had no idea her infant was going to be taken from her and I can't help but wonder what it will do to her relationship with her child. She is not able to bond with her infant son. I can't even imagine! Needless to say it is emotionally draining to be involved in this and to feel for both sides. 

2. A family I am really close with today told me and the other providers that the husband wants to leave. Their son was diagnosed with autism a few months ago and I saw there marriage crumbling. I remember learning that the divorce rate is close to 80% for parents of children with autism. This is very new but I know it's going to get ugly. Apparently the dad has been keeping a secret bank account from his wife. They have two children under 3. 

3. I'm working with a child who is almost 14 for the summer. Generally I work with children under 5 so this is a new challenge for me. He is very involved and has a nurse there whenever I see him. Today the mom was out of town and I spent a lot of time talking with the nurse. I asked her if she had any children and she told me she was never able. We then got talking and I learned that she had 4 ectopic pregnancies. I guess she was just about to do IVF with her husband and he backed out at the last minute. They later  ended up divorced so it seemed like she was correct in saying that everything happens for a reason. I told her somewhat about we have been going through and it was really great to connect with her. Its amazing how when you open up you find so many others with a similar story. 

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  1. Oh, that's tough. The first story is very sad and unfortunate for everyone, and the second, I can really identify with. I used to work with children diagnosed with autism as well and I saw the heartbreak the families went through struggling with what life had dealt them. Sometimes two children in the same family had both been diagnosed, it was so hard. I eventually had to move on to another profession because it was so, so hard to experience all the heaviness everyday, however I have great friends just like you who still do it and love it everyday, and those families are so lucky to have you guys!

    Take some time for you this weekend and refill your battery. xo