Thursday, August 9, 2012

23 tubes

Today I was successful with blood draw #1. The phlebotomist was able to get all 23 tubes from my right arm. It took a while but she had me fully reclined in the recliner type chair so I didn't feel too lightheaded or anything. My arm is super sore but I'm hoping it feels better tomorrow.

The bad news is that the lab doesn't do 3 of the tests that were ordered. I'm trying to see whether I can get those tests added to the Repro.source order and then send it again to my  insurnace comapny to get pre-authorized.

The insurance company received the pre-authorization form but are requesting my medical records. I was successful in talking to someone at my first clinic and they said they would send the info over ASAP. I was unsuccessful with my current clinic because they are only open a half day on Thursday. Hopefully tomorrow will be successful with them.

I can't believe how complicated it is just to get blood work done. Hopefully this will be behind me by the end if next week as we are leaving for a week in Maine next Friday. It would be nice to not think about it while on vacation.

I'm trying to convince myself that even if we don't find out anything ground breaking with this blood work at least we are ruling it out as a possibility. I often suggest children with speech delays get their hearing tested even if just to rule it out as a factor.

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  1. how is it humanly possible to have that much blood drawn!!? I had only 8 tubes once and I thought that was a lot!! Hoping you can get everything figured out soon, all you need is one more thing to worry about!