Monday, August 6, 2012


On Friday August 3rd I celebrated my 29th birthday. That's right, the last year in my twenties. I know, boo hoo, right? 

W woke me up in the morning by wishing me a happy birthday. After work he stopped and bought me beautiful flowers and picked up a few yummy items per my request. We had reservations at a fancy Italian restaurant for an amazing dinner. W wined and dined me and we left full and satisfied.

We stopped on the way home and rented a scary movie. We spent the rest of the night snuggled up on the couch together. 

Saturday we went over to my in-law's lake house since it was unbeliveably hot. We swam out to the sailboat that is on a mooring and connected our floats to the boat. I relaxed and cooled down while W practiced his olympic dives off the boat. 

At the lake we hung out a bunch with our nephew, read a few books of his and some of mine, went for a sail, and then headed to my parent's house for dinner. 

My step-dad is still in bed from his hip replacement surgery and my brother was passed out from a slumber party the night before. My in-laws come for dinner as well as one of my mom's friends. Dinner was delicious and my mom got my favorite ice cream cake for me. She bought me candles made out of chocolate. I made a different wish than usual so I'm hoping it will come true : ) When I pulled the candles out of the fridge to take home the numbers had switched around and said 92 instead. Hopefully I will celebrate that birthday some day, just not any time soon. 

W split an iPad with me for my birthday and I am loving it! It's taking some getting used to typing on but the image/resolution is amazing. The screen is so crisp and big compared to my iphone. 

I met a blogger friend last week for fondue. She brought her adorable little girl which made things a bit crazier, but also lots of fun. She goes to the same clinic as me and it was nice to share stories and get to know each other better. It was a bit strange to have someone know so much about me. I haven't invited anyone IRL to read my blog so I tend to be more open. I'm hoping we hang out again and that she invites me to swim in her pool soon (hint, hint Amanda!!) Just kidding... sort of. 

We have tickets to go see Mumford and Sons tomorrow and I am super excited. I also have my baseline appointment and W is going to join me since we both need to get some blood work done. I'm still working on the other blood draw but Labcorps seems to hire a bunch of rude idiots. Wish me luck on that one. 

I'm so grateful for the support and shout out for meds from other bloggers. I'm still on the hunt for more Cetrotide, but hopefully I will figure it out. I have quite a while before I need it. I'm so grateful to have so many extraordinary people in my life. 


  1. Happy happy belated birthday! Super jealous of your concert tomorrow! Have fun!

  2. Happy Birthday!! Enjoy the concert...I love their music!!

  3. That sounds like a wonderful birthday weekend! Happy 29th!

  4. Happy Birthday and what beautiful flowers. I was recently introduced to Mumford and Sons music and I am hooked! Good luck on your baseline and I couldn't agree more with your comment regarding Labcorp. We have been fighting with them for about five months now on some bills.

  5. Happy birthday! It sounds like a fab day. Enjoy the last year of your 20s.

  6. Just got on blogger for the first time in forever....happy belated birthday!!!! Glad your hubby and parents/in-law spoiled you!!!!

    I loved hanging out...and we DEFINITELY need to do a pool date soon!

    I'm jealous of your Ipad :p

    Let me know about the Cetrotide....