Sunday, July 29, 2012

4dp6dt FET #3

First off, I'm a bit confused. The embryos we transferred we frozen on day 6. Does this make it a 6 day transfer? I don't think so because they were at a day 5 point when they were frozen. If anyone has any insight, please enlighten me. 

This weekend was amazingly relaxing and fantastic. Our friends C&J came over Friday night with their little girl E who will be 2 tomorrow. We had a nice dinner and watched some of the opening ceremonies for the olympics. E got a little whiney and needed some distracting. W is so great with her and took her outside for a little walk around our yard. It was so cute to look outside and see them sitting in the grass talking together. He's going to be such a great daddy. 

On Saturday W went into Syracuse with his Dad to free our new boat from their garage. That's right, my in-law's have an antique wooden boat that is just sitting in their garage. They are giving it to us. It will need a little bit of work but should be functioning just fine. It's going to be so nice since we are about a 5 minute walk to a marina on the lake where we could keep it. 

I laid around and read my book as well as took a nap while W was gone. On Saturday night we went to see Ted and it was pretty darn funny. There were lots of fart jokes that went over well. I saw a preview for The Odd Life of Timothy Green and definitely shed a tear or two. If you haven't seen the trailer, click HERE. I challenge you not to cry. 

Today we slept in and then headed over to the in-law's lake house. We sat in the sun, swam, and read a whole bunch. I've been reading a lot and really enjoying the step away from the T.V. That's not to say we haven't been watching the Olympics, but we've been reading before bed more consistently than watching T.V. 

I got the masochistic urge to POAS today. W doesn't want me to so I didn't tell him. No matter how long I looked at it or how much I wanted it to be positive, it was definitely negative. I think I'm good on testing for a bit. 

As far as symptoms go, my boobs are crazy sore! I switched to a different PIO this week and am thinking that was it. I switched pharmacies a while ago but was using old progesterone. This week I started one that it compounded instead and that seems to correspond with the new soreness. I'm peeing a lot but that's also related to progesterone. Some small cramps here and there, but also probably from the progesterone. Today I was a little moody and couldn't be reasoned with but who knows what that is all about. I've been tired, but also probably the progesterone. I'm still trying to be positive, but the pee stick didn't help. I know it's still early though so I'll try to put that out of my mind. 


  1. Hi there! I am pretty sure we go to the same clinic based upon your to give you some insight on how they date embryos--they consider a day 6 transfer a day 6 embryo because if it had been a fresh day 5 transfer they would have gone in on day 5 even though they weren't were they "should" be at that time. I am currently 19 weeks pregnant with a day 6 FET. My beta was taken 8dp6dt instead of the typical 9dp5dt. While many other clinics count it as a day 5 transfer regardless of the day it was frozen, our clinic does not. So you are 3dp6dt or the equivalent to 9dpo. Good luck!!

  2. Praying this works for you guys!! :) I have everything crossed! Omg, I saw the preview for that movie way back and was crying!!

  3. I've been considering my FET transfer to be a 6dt. You're still really early to be testing. The earliest I've seen anyone get a BFP is 4dp6dt or 5dp5dt. I got my BFP at 4dp6dt, but it was reallllly faint on a FRER. Good luck!!!

  4. Good luck! Try not to obsess about symptoms, although I know it's impossible not to wonder.

  5. Most clinics consider it a 5 day transfer regardless, at least all the ones I have dealt with did and a few of my friends who had 6 days, their RE counted them as 5 day transfers as well.. Fingers crossed and it's still very early!