Monday, July 16, 2012

Summer Fun

Life is pretty great. This past week was amazing. The weather was beautiful all week and we were at the in-law's lake house almost every day swimming and waterskiing. 

On Wednesday we had our friends J&C over to the lake for dinner. They brought their little girl E who will be 2 this month. She is so darn cute and her speech blows me away compared to the kids I am used to. I was counting her 8 word phrases in amazement. She said that we went "waterskating" and called the boat the "peeda boat" instead of a speech boat. It was very amusing. She's such a trooper as she stayed up until 10 without any problem. Having relaxed parents really helps to create a relaxed kid. 

Friday night we hung out at home and took it easy. At 11:30 we picked up my mom, stepdad and brother from the airport. They were in Costa Rica for 2 weeks and it was great to hear about their trip. 

Saturday morning we got up early to go to the Mackenzie Childs barn sale. We had a list of things we wanted to get and were pretty successful. My mother-in-law joined us for the trip. The most known pattern they make is courtly check. In that we got a paper towel holder, utensil container for the counter, a new light for the kitchen, a small colander, a tissue box cover, and a trash can. In other patterns we got a few knobs for the entertainment center and a set of 8 enamelware floral plates. It's amazing how much some people buy and it was really fun. Here are some of the pictures I took from the sale. 

 Saturday night we went over to the lake again for dinner and swimming. We hung out pretty late and had a beach fire with a small group of people around. I had my first s'more of the summer and it was delicious. 

Sunday I went to a lavender festival with my MIL and a neighbor. It had a lot of local vendors and I bought a few little lavender items. 

Last night we went and saw Dave Matthews with Tim Reynolds. I have always wanted to see them together and the show was so much fun. We haven't gone to see live music in a long time and it was a good reminder that we should do it more often. Now I'm really looking forward to Mumford and Sons in August. 
The venue with the view of the lake to the left.
Some people at the concert in crazy outfits. 
The garden is doing really well. We have been picking sugar snap peas and lettuce so far. The zucchini and yellow squash are starting to grow and we have a bunch of peppers and tomatoes in the works. I saw a green bean or two out there the other day so those are probably close too. In the flower garden the beebalm is huge and we have a bunch of calla lillies. 

As far as TTC goes, the estrogen train is chugging along. I started estrogen last Tuesday after my baseline appointment and have been taking it 3x's/day since. I'm also back to taking my prenatals. I guess my clinic is no longer using dexamethasone so I'm not taking that this time. I have an appointment scheduled for this Friday for another ultrasound, blood work, and intralipids. As long as everything looks good we will schedule the transfer for next week. Since I took a month off from hormones I have definitely been feeling more side effects. I've been pretty fiesty (aka bitchy) and my sense of smell is really strong.

At my baseline appointment they did a complete metabolic panel since they had to write me another script for Metformin. I guess my liver enzymes came back a bit elevated. At first I was freaked out but then remembered I was on amoxicillin for a sinus infection. When I consulted Dr. Google, one of the side effects of the antibiotic was elevated liver enzymes. They are going to repeat them this Friday, but I hope the levels are back to normal. I'm feeling positive and upbeat about everything and just super happy to not be in neutral anymore. Frozen transfers are so easy and low maintenance compared to fresh ones. I just wish I had a history of better results with them. 

Apparently I have developed an allergic reaction to a skin cream I was using for razor burn. This afternoon I took some Bendryl and passed out beyond belief. Luckily I had a short day of work because I was able to sleep for 5 hours. 

I walked into a room today for a speech session and one of the Dad's excitedly said to me, "Guess who's pregnant?" Me being stupid was like, "who?" He then went on to exclaim that it was me. Oh shit! That's the second time that has happened this summer. I definitely carry some weight on my belly, but I didn't think I looked pregnant.  I was feeling pretty crappy the rest of the day about that one. I guess I needed some motivation to get back to the gym. Losing weight feels like such a challenge when also trying to get pregnant, especially with that whole two week wait thing. Has anyone else had this happen to them? Thanks PCOS!


  1. Wow, I am so jealous of your garden - it looks amazing!

    I cannot believe someone said anything to you about a belly. A woman has to be 9 months along before I would even CONSIDER saying anything about an upcoming baby. UGH!

  2. I would looove a garden like yours. Mine is a sad 4 square feet on the side of my yard. I haven't been to a Dave Matthew's concert in such a long time, I'm glad you had fun!

    Someone at work asked me if I was pregnant about 3 weeks after my D&C for my first lost pregnancy. When I said that I wasn't she asked me if I had stopped working out because I used to be in good shape...sheesh. Some people just don't have a filter. Please don't let it get to you! Some people just plain SUCK!

  3. A few weeks after my last ectopic, I got asked when I was due by someone I didn't know at all. I blurted out that I'd had a miscarriage a couple of months earlier. It was awful. Even now I still cringe when I think of it - although I did nothing wrong. Some people just say stupid things.

  4. Wonderful... great to be doing our FET's In same week :) Know what you mean about thaw cycles be so much better... without all the crazy injections and procedures !! Sending love and wishes to you for next week... hope this is our big break :) Love the sound of all the things you're doing... and the great photos... great distractions :)) xoxo