Thursday, September 29, 2011

Pre-Op Appointments and Life

I thought yesterday was going to be a nice break from the working norm. I had two separate pre-op appointments and they were scheduled at a range of times. The first one was with my RE at 11 and the other was with the hospital (nursing, anesthesia, phlebotomist) at 1:30.  It seemed to take my RE forever to fill out the paperwork and I felt like I was just sitting there watching him. 

Observations I made while sitting there: 
1. Dr. S has the craziest glasses. The things that keep them on his nose are always going in every direction. It doesn't look comfortable. At one point he got new ones and they looked normal, but now they are all wonky. 
2. There were little flies in the plant on his desk. They looked like fruit flies or something. 
3. Dr. S likes to write post-its about random unrelated things. I wonder what happens to them all.
4.  The chairs are really uncomfortable.

 Oh, I forgot about the bleeding/spotting. The bleeding did stop after the weekend and has since been minor spotting. Hello my panty liners friends, I've missed you. 

I arrived on time to my 1:30 appointment and didn't even get called back until 2:05. In the meantime, there was some decent people-watching in the waiting room. This woman was sitting there filling out paperwork so obviously getting surgery soon. She was VERY overweight and I just figured maybe gastric bypass...?? Well, then her husband shows up with a frozen coffee beverage complete with whipped cream and she starts chatting with the secretary. She mentions a baby who only lived 25 minutes. The woman then goes on to say it took her 8 years to get pregnant with her first and 10 years with "this one". Only then do I notice she's rubbing her belly. When she got called in and I saw her I still wasn't convinced she was pregnant. I guess that will teach me to make assumptions. Yeah, probably not.

My mood has been so much better this week. I really feel like I turned a corner over the weekend and I finally feel happy and positive again. I really haven't been feeling good for a while. The days don't seem to be going as slowly and I just feel happy again. The other day I woke up and said to myself, today is going to be a good day. I have no idea where that came from, but I am glad to be feeling more upbeat again. I am really positive about everything and feel like good things are coming. 

Work has been good. My caseload is pretty moderate and I am seeing abut 7 kids/day which is nice. I also am supervising a graduate student from Ithaca College where I completed my masters. She is really nice and is with me on Friday's. It is a nice distraction and she has started to take over my job a little bit. It is great to be able to relax a bit on Friday and have someone in the car with me to chat. She is great with the kids and they all like her. The only problem? I didn't realize how great it was to be able to pass gas in the car (and roll down the windows of course when necessary). By the end of the day my stomach is never happy from all the built-up pressure. Haha, aren't you glad I shared that?

I've been running at the gym. I'm not going fast, but my endurance has definitely improved. I started running outside in late Aug after my transfer was cancelled but now that I am at the gym and running on the treadmill I can see and feel progress in the amount of time, distance run, speed, etc. I am hoping to sign up for a 5k around Halloween with some friends. 

All in all, things are much better. Our anniversary is coming up and we are trying to plan something nice. Last year we moved into our house the weekend of our anniversary so we celebrated that way. This year we won't be celebrating by unpacking. 

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  1. I hate when the doctors aren't prepared for the appts...although your observations were pretty funny :) Thinking of you!