Monday, September 19, 2011


Why do the hurdles keep getting higher? Do you know how short my legs are? 

I had SHG #2 today. W was able to make it this time so it was nice to have him there. The procedure itself was uncomfortable, but it didn't take very long. The results....2 polyps. Just great.

So now I have surgical procedure involving anesthesia #4 with Dr. S scheduled. I had Lap #1 last Oct, Lap #2 with bonus D&C in Feb, and my egg retrieval in July.

My surgical hysteroscopy is scheduled for October 5th at noon. I have my pre-op appointment next Wednesday. The procedure itself is supposed to be quick, I just wish it could have been scheduled sooner. 

I can't say I was shocked or surprised about having polyps. At this point I have started to expect the worse, so I had kinda prepped myself to receive the news of polyps. The endometrial biopsy showed traces, so it's no huge surprise. My RE thinks they grew as a result of the high levels of estrogen during my IVF and pseudo-FET cycle. He wasn't able to say whether the poyps and the fluid were related. 

I will stay on the birth control pills until at least October 5th. My biggest question to Dr. S was when will we be able to do the FET after the hysteroscopy? He wasn't able to give me an answer, but said he would discuss it with the panel of doctors this Thursday in order to make the best decision. He said he would call me on Friday and let me know what the consensus is. 

Today was the closest I have come to breaking down in tears in Dr. S's office. Is this FET ever going to happen?


  1. Hang in there! I know, easier said than done when life keeps dealing you blow after blow.... Thinking if you!!

  2. Oh bummer...and YES it will happen eventually :) You've had an unfair share of hurdles so far, so I think it's time for it to be YOUR TIME :) Thinking of you...

  3. I am so sorry Liz! We are strangers but I have been following your blog as I too am going thru our first FET...and I have had polyps removed too in May! It is definitely a very easy procedure and if it makes you feel any better...I was able to start my 1st fresh cycle right hopefully they will be able to power you right thru for your FET!!!
    I am really rooting for you and just know that once the polyps are will be YOUR time!!! Hang in there!!!

  4. i'm so sorry. i hate that you have to have surgery! i hope it goes well and that the FET can happen soon! big hugs!!!