Thursday, September 22, 2011


TMI alert. You probably want to skip this entire post if you aren't interested about the inner-most workings of my effed up body.

I had some spotting yesterday. I think it was still a result of the sonohysterogram from Monday, so it didn't concern me. What concerned me was when I went to the bathroom to pee when I wiped a large piece of tissue was there. It was larger than a quarter but not rounded. I have no idea what the hell it was. It was almost like a membrane, but what the...???

When I went to flush I noticed there were two more pieces in the toilet. Then more spotting for the rest of the day. 

I called the nurse at my clinic just to let her know and perhaps find out what was going on, but she said she would tell me doc and possibly call me back. No phone call so I think I will survive. I guess I'm not dying. The nurse did tell me to save it if there were more, but there wasn't any more. 

She said she knew you can shed a fibroid because she's seen to happen with another patient, but she had no idea whether that was possible with polyps. I seriously doubt it, but I'm not gonna lie, if there aren't any polyps there when I have my hysteroscopy I am going to be pissed. 

In other exciting news I have my annual appointment with my GYN today. Two violations in one week? No wonder we haven't had any sex, I'm getting enough action without my hubby.

UPDATE: I just talked to the nurse from my clinic. She said without bringing the tissue in to be looked at by the lab, there is no way to tell what it was. She said it isn't likely that someone could shed a polyp unless it was barely hanging on. Mine didn't appear that way. In the future, I am supposed to save anything like that and bring it in so the lab can figure out what it is. It's just another mystery now. I said "So it was probably just some tissue that got dislodged from the sono?" Her reply, "There's shouldn't be any tissue there." Who the hell knows!


  1. That's so strange--and crappy that they can't give you more information. I hear you about the violations.

  2. OK, well that's just weirdness. Duh, didn't you know you were supposed to save passed tissue? (just kidding i think that would be gross)


  3. Who would think of saving something like that? Very weird..I wish I had some advice for you. At least your doctor isn't concerned and it's stopped now...

  4. What a scary thing to go through... I wouldn't have thought of saving it either. Our bodies definitely do the strangest things. Love always xoxo