Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Biopsy Results

I have a new idea for any doctors. Never call your patients on Friday afternoon and leave a message.

On Friday I missed a call from my RE and he left a message. Really?? A message on at 4:50 on a Friday afternoon with no hope of any conversation until Monday. 

And then? He was out sick on Monday.

On the message he said he had the pathology results of the endometrial biopsy. The biopsy revealed a small fragment of benign polyp and a proliferative endometrium (no progesterone effect). He said we will have to address the polyp as it could interfere with implantation. He was also surprised that he was seeing no progesterone affect as he thought I had been on it at least 2 days. I had actually only done one shot and it was fewer than 24 prior to the biopsy. He said that I could be progesterone resistant as some women with PCOS are. He is not sure, but this is something he will have to look at. He ended the call by saying we would have a further discussion Monday over the phone about it. 

I left a message yesterday both at the clinic (the nurse is out this week) and on his "academic" line that is a direct line to his personal voicemail. I guess I will have to keep my phone glued to me today.

Upon consulting Dr. Google, it seems that removal of polyps usually entails a hysteroscopy and D&C. Any personal experiences from anyone out there with polyps?

I really just want to have a plan in place and hopefully be able to execute the plan prior to my RE leaving for 10 days on Sep 1st. In a sense I like to think that dealing with this issue will make the fluid no longer be an issue. I know it will mean more time before we are able to do the transfer. Why does it feel like I am the only one standing still on this journey lately?

Hopefully I will talk to Dr. S today and have some answers and a plan in place. I will update when I do. 


  1. Hopefully you will get to speak with your doctor today and get some sort of plan in place! I hate that treading water feeling that comes with being between things, I hope it is over for you SOON!

  2. Ugh, I'm sorry you haven't been able to speak directly to your doctor.

    I have not had a hysteroscopy, but I know several clinics that will not perform IVF unless one has been done that cycle. Apparently it makes a better environment for an embryo.

  3. I had a hysteroscopy just over two years ago to remove a polyp and fix a slightly septate uterus. I honestly found it to be a pretty easy procedure... definitely easier than my HSG (but that was a bit of a gong show).

    I opted to be put under general anesthetic, and that ended up being the only real problem... the tube they put down my throat stretched my uvula (the punching bag thingy in the back of your throat) so that it was touching my tongue. Gross!

    After the procedure, I had a bit of light bleeding and some cramping, but it was fairly easy to get through and to recover from.

    I hope that you are able to get things set up soon and are able to move forward.

    ICLW #20

  4. I've never had to have a polyp removed but I've heard that it is usually a fairly easy procedure. Good luck and I hope it goes smoothly.

    ICLW #19