Monday, August 29, 2011

An Adventure in the Woods

Thursday I decided I needed a change of scenery and talked to the hubby about a weekend of camping/backpacking in the Adirondack Mountains. On short notice we decided to go. We got all of our supplies packed and headed out as early as possible on Friday afternoon. I wanted to return to the first place we ever went camping called Siamese ponds. During the next two days I repeatedly asked myself how good of shape I was in when we first went 6 years ago. 

Although we left early on Friday, we didn't have quite enough time. The hike in to the lean-to and camping area was 4 miles. Going in it wasn't bad, lots of downhill with some up along a river and tricky terrain. We left our car with all of our stuff and two dogs at 6:45 (WAY too late!) We ended up doing the last 30-45 minutes with flashlights, not fun at all. I was seriously just in charge mode and we didn't rest at all during the hike in. 

We didn't see anyone until we arrived at the lean-to. The dogs starting barking like crazy and a guy was there. He was by himself, upper 50's, and immediately asked us if we were the cops (any missing criminal you know of that fits that description?) After that I kinda feared he was going to kill us out in the woods, but we ended up OK. He did help us to find a great campsite and we set up our tent and got our dinner cooking on the camp stove. In addition, I had gotten us camping wine glasses so we were able to enjoy some wine with our dinner. Pretty fantastic! W was not thrilled about carrying the wine in, but it was totally worth it in my opinion.

On Saturday we got up, had some eggs and hung around for a little bit. We then decided to do a day-hike to the Siamese ponds. To get there was 2.3 miles and there was so much uphill hiking to get there. The view was completely worth it and the dogs had a great time. While we were sitting next to the pond we heard a loon calling to another one. It was so relaxing and perfect. 

The funny thing is, 6 years ago when we hiked to that pond we decided there was a perfect rock for some lovin'. I understand now why we didn't think we would see anyone. Well, we were wrong that time. A guy out in his canoe whistled to get our attention and it is one of the most embarrassing things that has ever happened to me. This time we didn't see anyone, but we also didn't give that rock any extra attention.

We hiked back to our campsite and took a little nap. The creepy guy had a radio with him and came to tell us that the hurricane was likely to bring lots of rain and wind which in not safe for being in a tent. So, we made the call to head back that afternoon. 

We hiked out the remaining 4 miles again with our packs and it was pretty rough on the way out. All that down on the way in... yeah, meant lots of up on the way back. We were able to rest more and made it back to the car a little short of 24 hours later. So, in total we hiked 12.6 miles in 24 hours, 8 of which we had our packs for. It was a little much and we spent yesterday lounging around complaining about how sore we were. 

It was really nice to get away. Although I wasn't able to completely avoid talking about IF, it was at a minimum. It was a great distraction, but unfortunately it never lasts. Here are some photos of our little trip.
Good morning dogs!

Enjoying my coffee by the river

Mmm... eggs!

Pepper by the lean-to

View from the suspension bridge

Me and Togie on the bridge

Dogs begging for a snack during a hiking break. Togie had her own pack and carried all the dog food. 

Siamese pond

Me on "the rock" and Pepper

W relaxing by the pond

The river on the hike out

Hiking out

W on a cool bridge along the hike

Me on the bridge


  1. So pretty, looks like the ideal place for some relaxation.... minus the hike with packs!

  2. Your rock story cracked me up. :) Looks like an awesome overnight!!

  3. LOL love the rock story :) And at first glance I thought your dogs were bears!!! haha Glad you had a fun time!

  4. This sounds so lovely, even if you had to do the hike in packs. But really, the part that will stick with me is: OMG! There are such things as CAMPING WINE GLASSES?!? AWESOME!

  5. Looks pretty! I want to do some camping with Dr Boy but he is NOT a fan of the outdoors. I'm still working on warming him up to it.

  6. Glad you had a good trip. Love the pups!