Thursday, August 25, 2011

Becoming a more patient person

My doc called today while I was in the middle of a therapy session. As soon as my phone rang I excused myself. I felt bad just getting up and leaving for 15 minutes, but there was no way I was missing another call from him. He apologized for not calling back sooner as he was out sick Monday and Tuesday. 

Dr. S talked about the results of the biopsy. He first talked about the proliferative endometrium and said that although it was concerning, but there was nothing we were going to do about it at this time. When I told him I had only been on the progesterone one day he said that it may not have been enough time. I asked about how my progesterone levels got so high during the IVF cycle and he said that is in the blood and that my endometrium may be different. Without doing a biopsy the only thing you can do is measure the blood levels of progesterone and go by what you see on ultrasound. 

He then talked about the traces of the polyp that were found. He was surprised since he had done a sonohysterogram (SHG) in Dec and didn't see anything then. He said that they don't often pop up in a short amount of time and that there is no real reason why this would happen. He said if I had been on estrogen the entire time without exposure to progesterone, that could cause a polyp, but it isn't the case with me. The only thing that could explain why we didn't see anything with the first SHG was because it wasn't done on the high resolution ultrasound machine at their office. He wants to do another SHG on the high resolution machine and see whether we see something. He said it is rare to miss polyps on a SHG because they light right up. If we do find a polyp we will likely do a hysteroscopy. He didn't want to go there immediately because it means surgery and he doesn't want to subject me to unnecessary surgery.  

Doing another SHG means having to schedule with the ultrasound technician and my RE. He said he would try to do it before going out of town next week, but he wasn't sure about scheduling. 

The receptionist called me a few hours later to tell me they won't be able to get me in before Dr. S goes out of town next week. They will have the nurse call me next week to schedule. I was disappointed at first, but at least now we have a plan in place. I am hoping we will be able to schedule it for the Monday when he is back. Until then, I guess I just continue taking BCP's and crossing off the days on the calendar. 

We are looking at the week of the 12th for the HSG. If they find something, who knows when they would do the hysteroscopy. Looks like September is likely out for the FET. The hardest part about that is that my EDD for the miscarriage is September 30th. I really thought I was going to be pregnant again by the time that rolled around. 

Things haven't been easy the past couple of months. W said the other night that he wants a list of all the potential problems we could encounter and once we cross them all off then we know we will get pregnant. It really seems like one roadblock after another and that is something can go wrong it will. I'm starting to become more patient and understanding with this. There is really nothing I can do about it, and feeling badly about it all the time doesn't help. I'm tying to distract myself and focus on other things, but it is hard. 

I made a realization about friends lately as well. If we find a nice couple to hang out with (usually they are married), they are either pregnant or they already have a baby. As much as I like them, it is hard to spend tons of time gushing about their babies. There is no "safe" couple to spend time with these days. That means I am hanging out with younger people who are more at the partying stage of their lives. This isn't a great influence on being healthy and making good decisions. I feel like I just can't relate to any friends right now. 

A few months ago I made an appointment with the other RE in the area. I am happy with the care I receive with Dr. S. I am happy he knows who I am and takes the time to call me personally and talk for 45 minutes if needed. I am happy with the treatment as well as decisions made to this point, but at times I do feel like Dr. S is overly conservative about things. I'm not really displeased in any major way, but the price is a huge consideration. The other RE (Dr.K) has package deals, and they have one package deal I am considering. I have an appointment scheduled with him coming up in September. I never thought it would get here so quickly and I had previously hoped I wouldn't need it when I made it in June. Now I am faced with canceling the appointment and sticking with Dr. S for now until we at least complete an IVF cycle, or seeing the other doc and finding out what he has to say. I feel like my case has been so complicated it will be hard for the new doc to follow it all. Also, I have to get my file to the new doc and that means notifying my current office and making them think I'm not happy with the care I receive. Is there really any point in seeing another doc if we can't even get out of the starting blocks with my current doc?

Any advice? 


  1. Imo, it can't hurt to check out the other doc and see what he has to say. If Dr. S even finds out that your records were sent to the other office, I'm sure that he, being a medical professional, has encountered that often, and would in no way blame you.

    YOU are the important one in this. Sure, he is a human and his feelings/thoughts matter, but you can only be responsible for yourself! I say go for it. Options are nice to have :)

  2. So sorry this is dragging on for you. If you find a way to truly embrace patience, will you share?

    As far as a second opinion goes, I think that is your right as a patient. I attend a peer support group monthly, and one of the things that is stressed is that we have to be our own advocates. I think second opinions are a medical fact of life, and doctors expect it. And just because you get one, doesn't mean you need to actually switch doctors for treatment. You can always tell them that since you're stuck waiting, you want to cover your bases and use the time to seek out other opinions.

    I am in a similar situation, where I really like and trust my doctor. We're at the best gyno hospital in our area, and like 4 in the country. But, if our second IVF does not work, we will be getting a second opinion, if nothing else to see what someone might do differently.

    Whatever you decide, good luck!

  3. I don't think it would hurt to get a second opinion. I'm sorry this is so hard, it's unfair. ((hugs))

  4. I think a second opinion is a good idea. People talk about their experiences with their doctors as if everyone is going through the same thing,but I feel like we all have pretty different experiences. For example, my doc always does the ultrasounds - not a tech, my doc. Even when the were happening every other day. Setting up an appointment for an u/s, the longest I ever had to schedule out was 6 days. And that's at the biggest and busiest clinic in town!

    The other clinic might not be an option for you or it might not be the right option based on personalities, but I think there are a lot of different ways physicians and clinics operationalize the business part of IVF. At least finding out what else is out there will help you make sure that you are getting the support you need.

  5. I think the second opinion is a good idea, like PP said I don't think he will take it personally.
    I'm hoping they have a cancellation or something and can get you in sooner for your ultrasound.

  6. I am so sorry you might be delayed, I hope they figure things out fast and your uterus becomes a very comfortable place for your Frosties!!!

    happy ICLW

  7. I'm so sorry that you are having such a hard time at the moment.... and I don't envy your choice, I can only hope that you find peace in the choice you make. I would think that seeing someone for a 2nd opinion couldn't be a bad thing, but I see your apprehension in it with it maybe causing friction in the relationship you have now with your current DR. I wish I had magic words of advice...

    Happy ICLW from # 86 <3

  8. So sorry to hear your having a hard time! It is a tough choice and I hope you can lean on each other while making it. After my experience, I wouldn't hesitate to look for a second opinion if I wasn't feeling comfortable. Perhaps there's a way for it not to be awkward? It is just so important, I feel, that you get the attention and answers you need.

    I also wanted to say thank you for your input on my OHSS scare. There is definitely a pattern here--everyone is saying my numbers are far too high. I knew it didn't feel right, but it is so hard to lose trust in someone you've been comfortable with for so long. Sigh. I suppose we will be going elsewhere soon, but the unknowns are so scary.

    Best of luck to your uterus and embies!

  9. I'm glad they are investigating this further. Hopefully nothing will come up with the SHG but of so, it sounds like it will be easy to fix. I know what you mean about impending EDD'
    s though. I've passed through two, and both times I couldn't believe that I wasn't pregnant yet. It just sucks.

    I don't think you have anything to lose with researching other clinics. I'm sure it happens all the time, and in the end, who care what your doctor thinks? You need to be your own advoate, and if that means exploring all your options, I think you should go for it...just my 2 cents!