Wednesday, June 1, 2011

June already?!

I was in denial for a while about spring. Now summer is here (or at least it feels like it), and I can't deny it since there is sweat dripping down my face. I think I was in denial because it meant accepting a passage of time without the results I wanted. I can't believe it is June already and I will be dragging my sorry ass back into my RE in a few short weeks. I would really love to not go crawling back like the ex who doesn't leave you alone.

W is out of town tonight visiting his grandma. He had this week off and starts his new job next week. There are positives and negatives of him being gone. The good: I get the bed to myself, can watch whatever I want, can buy chocolate and not have to share it, and can stay out shopping and doing whatever I want without having him calling me asking me when I'm coming home. The bad: my personal chef is gone, the dogs are my responsibility, not matter how late I stay out I still come home to a empty and dark house, it's lonely! He's only gone one night but this is the first night I have spent in our house alone. I think I will survive though.

This week is going by slowly with work. I have mixed feelings about the school year being over. I see children in early intervention and preschool. Early intervention goes through the summer but preschool students need to qualify for summer services. I am looking at a much lighter caseload for the summer, but also lighter paychecks as a result. I am happy that W will be working and that we will have a second income, but mine is going to considerably decline. If we weren't doing IVF next month I wouldn't really care about it. Now I feel stressed about money. I guess not so stressed that I can't treat myself to some new shorts though.

I don't really have any news on the IF front since we are in a holding pattern. I am just waiting for a few more weeks to start Lupron. I have read about a Lupron shortage, anyone know anything about this? I have most of a box (missing only one night's dosage) but know I will need more. I hope it isn't an issue.


  1. I had a similar moment when I realised it was June already. I honestly couldn't believe it.

  2. Thanks for your comment - I appreciate the good thoughts. There is definitely a Lupron shortage in my area - I was able to get it, but we're down to just one pharmacy that has it. It might take a little longer to get, so plan a refill early. Good luck!!

  3. Wouldn't it be ace if we could stop time passing until we were happily pregnant? It's scary how quick it flies in.

  4. Ugh the summers are smokin hot here, arent they!? The humidity is the worst. Although, after such a long winter I am glad to see the sun! :) So you are doing IVF in July? Me too!!! I think anyways :) Ok, Im a big loser and cant meet up for breakfast this weekend. We are actually going to church sunday for a baptism and baptism party after that. Im sorry! I really do want to get together this summer though!! Elizabeth from Many Many Moons wants to meet up too. When will you be passing through again? So I have a question for you regarding a little boy in my class. And maybe you can tell me that we are not crazy for the thinking somethings wrong. This lil boy, hes almost 2. Does not play with others, kind of wanders around the classroom, bursts out crying anytime someone laughs, no real words yet, has been biting, still eats like an infant by squeezing the food up through a balled fist into his mouth, ughh there are so many more "red flag" things but its hard to think of them at the moment. Hes been evaluated at our school and his parents have been notified to seek further evaluation. But the mom is in complete denial. :( There's really nothing else we can do. We cant FORCE her to seek help for him, but its so sad. We are pretty sure he is on the autism spectrum. Do those things I mentioned seem similar to some form of autism? If you get a chance, email me back at ;)