Monday, July 4, 2016

34 Months (I totally had to do the math to figure that one out)

Still loves monkeys and now Paw Patrol 
Has 4 comfort items she sleeps with (lovey, kitty, big lovey, and purple tissue)
Daddy's girl
Language has finally taken off-still difficult to understand at times
Much less frustrated and "emotionally unstable" 
Physical therapy seems to be helping with balance, strength, and endurance 
Such a big hearted girl, always thinking of her sister and wanting to help
Loves "cooking" dinner with daddy and has amazing food identification skills
Doesn't like to have her hair done other than "curls" 
Still loves the color purple

Never stops talking
Loves princess stuff, especially Little Mermaid and Frozen 
Not napping consistently but stays in her crib for "quiet time"
Loves her baby Stella and is such a great helper with her
Will go, go go when it comes to anything athletic and/or outdoors
Still loves playing with her baby dolls
Has a special headband she wears all the time and loves accessories  
Want to get her hair done in pigtails all the time
Loves the color teal and sometimes still pink 
Helps mommy exercise and is always asking to do it

I'm loving spending every day with them and watching them change and grow. They have such a close bond and really love each other so much. There is so much giggling all the time in our house and van. They are so lucky to have a build in best friend. 

I seriously can't believe their third birthday is coming up! I'm in the beginning stages of planning an ice cream sundae party for them.