Monday, March 30, 2015


Early on in this pregnancy I was terrified. Things have definitely improved although I still have my moments. 

Recently I realized I have a new fear. I confessed to W that I've been feeling almost paranoid when driving. I'm afraid people in the lane next to me won't see me and will drive into me. I worry when I'm turning that the people behind me won't see me and will rear-end me. 

I've had dreams of car accidents. Then when I'm driving I'll remember them and be afraid it'll come true. 

I know, it's crazy. I try to be a defensive driver, but this seems a little extreme. 

When I told W I was feeling this way he said it was likely because of how the girls were born. He thinks because I'm pregnant again suddenly I'm feeling this way. 

I'm not sure if this is the reason I'm feeling this way, but I know it's a lot worse when the girls are in the car. 


  1. I instantly thought of your car wreck when I started reading this post. It's good for you to verbalize your fears and work through them. Hang in there hon...

  2. From a long term follower, can I suggest you enrol in a defensive drivers course? We all want this pregnancy to be anxious free and joyful for you!!


  3. I agree with W. That's the first thing I thought of. Sounds like you might have a little PTSD from the way the girls were born. It makes perfect sense. You aren't crazy, but it was a super stressful time!