Wednesday, April 8, 2015

19 Months Old

The girls have hit the age (in my opinion) where it's no longer worth it to tell strangers exactly how many months old they are. We are officially into "a year and a half" territory and will be there until they hit two. 

Lucy- You are such a talker at home with us but get so shy around others. You won't repeat or talk much when around others but then are a complete chatterbox at home. I think you use about 20 words consistently and have used a few two word combinations. You are so fast at walking and try to run now. You like to hold an adult's hand when walking and listen well and stick close by (for now at least). You're very daring, especially when grandma dukes is watching you. You took a big fall off your slide one day when she was watching you. You think it's funny to slide down the stairs on your feet while holding our hands. You are sleeping through the night about 75% of the time now. We thought you were teething a few weeks ago but nothing popped through. You tend to get super constipated when teething so that's super unpleasant. Your love for Elmo remains strong and you also love the other characters on Sesame Street. You like playing with your pull toys and being outside. You're so smart and fun to be around. 

Lucy's first lollipop at the pediatrician. 
Don't even think you're getting a bite of this. 

First ride on the carousel. 
That's one dirty butt! Having fun finally being able to play outside. 

Clara- I was reminded of your old nickname "clockwork Clara" recently as you were waking at the same time almost every morning. You're getting so good at walking and are also almost running. We saw an orthopedic dr this month because we were concerned about your hip/balance/gait. The dr agreed your gait was atypical and said it was likely your external rotators are stronger than the internal ones. She said we could go to physical therapy or just wait. After taking the script for PT and talking with W and Lucy's PT, we've decided to wait. You're making so much progress every day. You love playing with the fridge magnets, your kitchen set, and standing in our front window on the ledge. You've really started talking more, especially spontaneously and without as much prompting. You have about 10 words you use consistently at this time. You're still very much into equality and insist on the same things as your sister constantly. I love that you advocate for yourself. You have certain clothing items you love (a Chicago Bears hoodie and a certain pair stride rite shoes). If you find these things you often insist we put them on you. It's cute to see you forming an opinion about things but can be frustrating when we're trying to get out the door and you're already dressed. You love playing and I love watching you learn new things. 
I think she needs more necklaces.
Posing on St. Patrick's day. 
Clara's first ride on the carousel. 
Sitting on daddy's lap at the pediatrician. 
Wearing her favorite shoes with pajamas. 
Nice glasses!
The girls have officially hit the independent toddler phase. We are seeing the emergence of temper tantrums and also noticing the girls asserting themselves and their opinions more. It definitely makes things more challenging. There's lots of head shaking "no" going on around here. It's been a challenging few weeks, but I know it's only a phase. Having grandparents around and things planned during the day helps. 

The girls are also the closest in weight they've ever been in their lives. There is only 14 ounces between them. At their last appointment they weighed 17.2 and 18 pounds. They are still tiny little girls. Both are around 30 inches tall. 

We are so excited to leave for vacation on Sunday. We are going to Mexico again with the girls and bringing my mom this time. I can't wait for sunshine, sand, and relaxation. I'm a little nervous about the traveling and everything with the girls but hoping for the best. I can't believe how old my girls are and how fast time is going. 

St. Patrick's day
Play date buddies. We will miss the girls as they are moving :(
Hanging out in the window sill. This is their new favorite place. 

That's a big dog!
Not surprised by this reaction. 


  1. I seriously can't ever get enough of these cutie pies. Lucy reminds me of my Lilah. They seem to have very similar personalities. My girls are also so small. It is nice to see someone else that has twins and they are little peanuts also.
    Have fun in Mexico!

  2. So cute! I can't believe that they are so close in weight. Have a great time on vacation!

  3. They seriously just keep getting cuter and cuter! I was just thinking the other day how after they hit 18 months, we just need to start saying they are a year and a half. I can't believe Clara and Lucy are on the other side and closer to TWO now! Acckkk!

  4. Tiny little peanuts! I'm impressed with your ability to get them both standing still in the same photo and even occasionally both looking at the camera.

  5. They've come so far! I can't believe how mature they are starting to look despite their size. You're doing good mama.