Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Immune Results

After emailing Dr. B a few times he finally called tuesday night with my immune testing results. Although nothing came back atypical with my last pregnancy, I was wanting to hear the same this time around. 

He called around 6:30 as we were eating dinner. I could tell he was going through the results over the phone, but kept mumbling about how "this looks good, that looks good, etc". Finally he summed it all up.

He said my NK cells were elevated, but not so much that we needed to start intralipids. He said if I had been on them previously we would be starting them. He basically summed all the results up as a mild inflammatory response but that nothing needed to be done at this time. He said we could see that that neupogen was working both by my immune response and my elevated white blood cell count. 

I then asked about my medications. At 12 weeks I will stop neupogen and drop my Lovenox to once per day rather than twice. I'm happy to reduce my injections from three times a day to once.

I also asked about the Doppler ultrasounds. He said that they are very safe and actually got quiet upset that people had told me otherwise. He said next time someone said that I should ask them in what literature they read it wasn't safe or if they just made it up. He was pretty heated about it, lol. 

So, as I suspected, we don't need to change anything at this time. I'm glad to have this reassurance but just wish it didn't cost $800 to receive. 


  1. Yay! Seriously the cost of all the tests is INSANE! Glad to hear all is well though!