Monday, October 6, 2014

Summer Vacation

Well, since fall is officially here I guess it's time I finally get a post up about our summer vacation. The week of July 20th we spent in Maine. We went two years ago and had such a fantastic time that we thought we should do it again with the girls. Instead of going to multiple places like last time we rented a condo for the week in Ogunquit. Due to short notice from W's work, we didn't get much to pick from for condos. The condo was great with a kitchen and deck, but there were a lot of stairs and it was a pretty far walk to a lot of stuff. If you've ever been to Ogunquit before it was in Perkins Cove. There were lots of restaurants and little shops, but it was a bit of a walk to the beach. Luckily the walk was beautiful and along the shoreline. The girls did great in the car and loved the water. Clara had a bit of a meltdown one day on the beach and Lucy's sleeping was horrible, but apart from that the trip was wonderful. Lucy loved lobster and started consistently using the sign for "please" to request it. I was so proud of my lobster loving, sign language using little girl. We ate some of the most delicious soft shelled lobster and met up with my grandmother in Portland one day for a duck boat tour of the city. It was such a great trip and I'm so glad we got to make those memories with the girls. 
Family photo in Perkins Cove
Lobster prices. 

Out for a morning walk.

Our first lobster dinner in the condo. 
Souvenir t-shirts.

The pool we had access to with our condo. Trying out our twin pool float. 

Love tutu bathing suits. 

Nursing Clara on our walk. 
Waiting for the trolley (that we gave up on waiting for and didn't end up taking). 
Fun in the pool. 
Beautiful views. 

Playing on the beach. 

Daddy and his girls. 

Great Grandma Karolyn. 

Beach babies. 

We're almost to the beach. 
The bridge with all the steps we had to carry the stroller up and down. Good times!

Enjoying dinner. 


  1. Looks like a fantastic time! Those two are so darn cute in those coordinating swimsuits. <3

  2. Those t shirts are awesome! Looks like a super fun trip filled with many great memories!

  3. I could seriously look at pictures of them all day! They are so stinkin cute! I LOVE the pic of them in their little baseball hats. Maine looks beautiful and like a great vacation spot.

  4. I love these photos! They are definitely keepers :)