Monday, October 13, 2014

13 Months

This post has been sitting in my drafts. I think I wanted to add more pictures but am realizing that's probably not going to happy. So, instead I'll hit publish. 

On Friday, October 3rd the girls turned 13 months old. I haven't decided yet, but I'm pretty sure I'll be telling people they're a year old rather than how many months old they are specifically.
The girls celebrated their 13 month birthday with their 12 month appointment with the pediatrician. We had rescheduled because their original appointment was supposed to be days after Lucy got her cast off and Clara got her upper lip tie clipped. Those appointments were traumatic enough so we put off 1 year shots for a few weeks. 

Unfortunately both girls had lost a little weight at their appointment. I recently dropped a daytime feeding and they haven't made up for it yet with food. Clara takes milk from a sippy great but we haven't had any success with Lucy yet. We are trying, but it's a challenge. 

Clara- You are all over the place, crawling and pulling to stand on everything. You are still so full of personality and spunk. You cut an upper tooth this month and it really bothered you. Your sleep and moods were very affected by it so we're glad it's through and you've returned to the happy and sweet baby I love so much. You still love to growl and are just starting to try to imitate sounds or words. You said "yum yum" one night after sucking on a medicine filled syringe. You love syringes and think they're one of the best toys. If your sister ever gets medicine and you don't we have to give you the syringe or you freak out. You've pulled yourself up and walked behind your walker and are starting to let go and stand independently more often. You love your sippy cup or water bottle and will chug from them. You're full of spunk and personality and have showed us glimpses of your attitude this month. You focus so well during play and show us that you have great problem solving skills. 

Lucy- A whole month without your cast and we're all so happy. At first you were very reluctant to try to move much, but lately you've been trying so hard. You stay in a sitting position but scoot yourself around by your arms. You're also trying to pull to stand more. You definitely have the desire to move but I'm not sure you know where your legs go. You're moving in and out of positions more and more. You start physical therapy this week so hopefully that will help. You're really trying to talk and will say "up" most consistently. You've also tried to say bye-bye, pepper, hi, and pop. You are consistently signing "please" and "all done". If I ask you if you want milk you smack my chest, it's pretty funny. You got your first little curl on the back of your head and it's so cute. I'm hoping you get more curls. Your sleep seems to be improving and you are doing more long stretches at night. Out of desperation we started playing white noise in your room and it really seems to be helping. Although not ideal, it's better than you getting up 3-4 times a night. You have been so snuggly lately and your daddy and I both love it! You love to lay your head on my shoulder and snuggle in. Your favorite food is yogurt and we know you'll almost always go for it since you like to throw food off your tray. You're not impressed by your sippy cup and seem to only like milk from the tap. We're working on it every day but you're not convinced. 

We've been working on using plates and bowls with the girls and they're doing pretty well. They are both wearing 6-12 month clothes. They love to be told they've done a good job and will both do the movements to if you're happy and you know it. I love these 2 little girls so much. So frequently I just stare at them in disbelief that they're both mine! 

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  1. I love your updates and seeing pictures of your girls! They're getting so big!