Sunday, August 3, 2014


Life has been crazy. Yesterday the girls turned 11 months old and we celebrated my 31st birthday! 

I've been getting together lots with friends and especially women I've met in our local moms of multiples group. We went to the zoo one day last week with triplets and twins, attended a birthday party of my close friend with twins that are 2 weeks older, and went to the annual picnic for the Mom's of Multiples group yesterday. There were about 50 family there with twins or triplets. 

I attended the calling hours on Friday for my bosses 24 year old daughter who died from a drug overdose. It was incredibly sad and seeing my boss acting like nothing had happened was upsetting. It was clear she hasn't processed it. It really was so sad. 

Then this morning W slipped on the stairs while holding Lucy. She was very upset but due to our high deductible we called the pediatrician rather than rushing her to urgent care or the ER. Well, the ped looked at her and sent us for x rays. She mentioned a pediatric orthopedic dr and said she was concerned it was broken. We are now waiting and hoping that her thigh is okay.


  1. Oh my goodness- you've been busy! Poor little Lucy girl- I hope everything turns out just fine!

  2. That is so cool that you have a Mom's of Multiples group! You've been busy, busy, busy!