Wednesday, August 20, 2014

"No Good News"

Yesterday was our first follow up with the orthopedic dr. The girls, my MiL, and I spent the morning at the zoo with the multiple moms for a play date. We had a fun time and the weather was beautiful. I met W at the appointment at 1:30. 

When we checked in they told us the dr was running about an hour behind. My MiL stayed with sleeping Clara in the car. 

We waited in a few different waiting rooms. It was like they had multiple layers of waiting. They did an x ray and we waited some more.

They finally took us into a room with a nurse. She pulled up the x ray and my heart sank. It didn't look healed at all. 

I fed Lucy and we waited some more. W went out to get Clara and brought her in so I could feed her too. When she was done he decided to bring her back outside. Right after he left the dr came in and I felt horrible asking her to wait for W. He had rearranged his schedule to be there and I didn't want him to miss talking to the dr. 

So, he came backand we waited some more. She finally came in and Lucy smiled at her. She pulled up the x ray and  said she hadn't seen much healing yet. We talked about their birthday party on the 30th and she said she wasn't comfortable taking the cast off at any time next week. She didn't seem concerned about the lack of significant healing. She pulled up an X-ray of another child she saw that day. He had worn his spica cast for 6 weeks and the difference in the image was quite clear. She said there "wasn't any good news". I asked about ways to help her heal more quickly and she suggested vitamin d and milk or calcium. She suggested trying to have Lucy sleep in her car seat to be more comfortable. We then looked at a calendar and scheduled her next appointment for September 3rd, their birthday. It was either then or the 8th so I picked the sooner one. We're hoping the cast will come off that day, but she didn't make any promises and said it would be dependent on the  X-ray. She said typically a child is in the cast for 4 weeks plus a week for every year old they are. 

We both left super bummed out. I guess we were hoping for good news. I'm sure getting a cold for over a week didn't help the healing process. As we both said, seeing the X-ray was a reminder of how badly she broke her leg. We live day to day with the cast, but seeing an image of how broken it is sucks. 

I spoke with my lactation consultant Erin on the way home. She suggested I be better about taking my prenatals and that I supplement myself with vitamin d and calcium. That way Lucy will get those things. She said I could give them more calcium in the form on yogurt or cheese but that breastmilk is much better than cows milk because It contains stem cells. 

So, unfortunately, the first two weeks in the cast yielded minimal healing. I'm hoping the next two weeks are better. It's not really in my control, but I want my little girl to get out of that cast. I want to hug her and feel her little legs against me rather than a huge hard cast. 

I guess it's best to know in advance, but Lucy will be in her cast for her birthday party. The outfits I bought them with cute onesies and cherry leggings will have to wait. There's no denying that I'm disappointed, but I'll put on a smile and sing "If you're happy and you know it" for the hundredth time today because it lights up her little face and I love watching her clap her little hands. 


  1. Oh the poor thing, looks like a nasty break. :( What a trouper you guys are, especially her. Did she have a fall? xxx Hugs

  2. Oh my goodness. Poor baby girl. Im sorry there wasnt any good news! But soon enough this will be a distant memory! Yikes! I feel for you all though!

  3. Oh man, that's got to be so hard as a parent to just want her healed and OUT of that cast and to have the healing journey move so slowly. :( I hope things improve for her soon!