Monday, August 18, 2014

2 Weeks Down

Today Lucy has been in the spica cast for 2 weeks. The first week was definitely the worst, but we're all still adjusting. 

Sleep has been awful. She's fighting going to sleep and I'm just not comfortable letting her cry while in the cast. She can't communicate with us what her problem is so for now she gets her way. I'm not wild about this, but I don't know what the alternative is. 

She's sleeping in our bed and is very restless. She cries out a lot in her sleep and wakes up crying. I'm not sure if she's just uncomfortable or if she's in pain. She's still stuffy from the cold that keeps lingering. 

We did a much better job of getting out if the house last week. I think we did something pretty much every day. I generally had an extra set of hands for outings so that was definitely helpful. 

I've been busy gathering supplies and crafting for their birthday party that is in 2 weeks! 

This week we have our first follow up appointment with the ortho dr. I'm hoping they'll do x rays so we have a better idea of the timeframe for removing the cast.  

Here are the projects I've been working on for their party. We are doing a twin cherry theme.

The invitation: 

Birthday banner:

Balloon wreath (still needs a number 1 in the middle):

High chair banners:

I can't believe my girls are turning 1 in a few short weeks. I hate to wish away the end of the summer but I'm just so ready to say goodbye to that spica cast! Tomorrow is our appointment so please keep us in your thoughts for good healing news. 


  1. I know this has to be so difficult on all of you and especially poor Lucy. I also think you are doing the best that you can with the situation.

    I really love the cherry theme for their birthday. The balloon wreath is very cute! Where did you get that idea?

  2. It will be so sweet when that cast comes off! I'm looking forward to it for all of you guys. I'm still debating the first birthday party, but you're making it look fun!

  3. Love the party stuff! I agree with T you are doing the best you can in a difficult situation, Liz. Hang in there!!!

  4. I imagine poor Lucy has to be super uncomfortable, hopefully not in too much pain at this point. I would be extremely anxious to know how long she would need to be in the cast!

    I canNOT believe they are one in just 2 short weeks! Really? Where has the time gone? The birthday theme is really cute. I am so impressed with your crafting in preparation. Makes me nervous to plan for my twins first birthday!

  5. Omg poor baby girl!!! :( Hope she heals quickly!!! And ADORABLE bday theme!!!

  6. The birthday stuff is so cute. I am not crafty at all so I am getting all my cute birthday party stuff from etsy (and my husband is making some stuff. go figure. he is craftier than me.)