Saturday, August 30, 2014


Clara has been crawling up a storm. We first got excited when she crawled across a room. Now she is effortlessly crawling out of rooms and around the house. She really is proud of herself. 

My mom came over the other day and I was upstairs with the girls in their room. When my mom called upstairs to see where we were Clara started crawling towards the top of the stairs, shrieking both with excitement and to tell my mom where she was. It was so cute! 
Lucy, on the other hand, is doing a lot of sitting around. It really stinks that she has to watch her sister move and learn to crawl while she stays confined to her cast and bouncy seat, beanbag, bumbo, etc. On a positive note, she's been tolerating being on her tummy more and is trying to roll and move around in her crib. She grabs onto the crib rails and throws her body around. Every night when we put her down to bed she does around 45 minutes of acrobatics instead of trying to sleep. I love to watch on the monitor. 

The positive to Lucy not being able to focus much on motor developments is that she has been focusing a lot instead on her communication. 

She's been using sign language to communicate "please" for most of the summer, but neither Lucy or Clara had said their "first word" until the other night. Lucy had finished her sponge bath and she was looking in the mirror with daddy waving as he said hi when she also said "hi". It was so cute and I even got it on video. Since then she's been imitating animal sounds like crazy (she'll meow like a kitty, pant like a dog, growl like a lion, and baa like a sheep). She's also tried to say our dog Pepper's name multiple times. As a speech pathologist you can imagine I get pretty excited about this stuff. 

Every day just gets better and better with these girls. They are growing and learning so much every day and I love watching them explore and master new things. 
Today we celebrate their birthday with a big birthday bash. Although this mama invited way too many people, it's going to be so fun to celebrate that we all survived the first year of their lives. 

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  1. Enjoy this special day celebrating your sweet girls! You made it!!!