Sunday, June 30, 2013

T Update

My friend T was diagnosed with placenta previa at her anatomy scan. Around 23 weeks she had some bleeding and landed herself in her local hospital. They monitored her that night and sent her home. A few days later she had a big bleed and ended up back in the hospital. From there they transferred her to the higher level perinatal center with a level 3 NICU about an hour and twenty minutes from her home. 

She spent 6 weeks a that hospital and had a few smaller issues during that time. There were some contractions and smaller bleeding incidents. All along the baby did great. 

T left the hospital a little over a week ago to go to the Ronald McDonald house. She was 29 weeks pregnant at that point and hadn't had any issues for a while. 

She spent about 5 days before having some contractions and a little spotting. Last Sunday she went and got checked out and was fine. 

On Tuesday night she woke up at 2 AM to another big bleed. Back to the hospital she went. She will likely stay at the hospital until she delivers. On Wednesday she will be 31 weeks. She got about a week away from the hospital and we joked it was her "vacation". 

I bring her dinner every Thursday after yoga (our "date night") and try to visit at other times as well. She's really positive about everything and I'm so amazed by her strength. I can't imagine how hard it is to be on hospital bed rest for so long. Please think of my friend T. 


  1. Oh wow! She is a warrior! Best of luck to her! :) I had Sam about a week farther along than she is right now. And you are such a good friend for visiting and bringing her dinner. They were thinking about keeping me in the hospital until I delivered and I would have gone nuts! Although, Samantha had other plans and came the next day instead :) Wishing her well!

  2. Thanks for the T update. I've been thinking about your friend a lot. Sounds like she is a trooper for sure. I can't imagine how scary that must be for her, in addition to the sheer boredome she must be feeling. Hope that baby stays put for a little while longer!

  3. Thank you for the update! Continuing to pray for T. Stay in there, baby!

  4. Just wanted to share that a friend of mine delivered her twins at 32.5 weeks (she was able to get the steriod shots TWICE for their lungs) and her boys did not need any breathing assistance at all and came home after 30 days in NICU! So hopefully T can deliver later than 32.5 but if not her chances of everything being just fine are really really good!!