Saturday, June 15, 2013

My Mom (Mama-Dukes) is Home!!

A while back we started calling my mom Mama-Dukes. She embraced it fully and now signs letters and emails to me and my sister MD. We joke that she became Grandma-Dukes when my sister had her baby.

My mom, step-dad and brother left for Costa Rica in January. My step-father is a college professor and took a sabbatical semester. My Mom retired last spring so it worked well for everyone. My brother is 11 and was along for the ride regardless. 

In February when my sister had her baby my mom returned for about 10 days. Since my sister lives about 3 hours away I didn't get to see her much. 

At that time we knew we were pregnant but weren't ready to tell my mom yet. She has a hard time keeping secrets. It was still too early. 

Well, last week they arrived back in the US. They stayed in Florida for a few days, traveled to the D.C area, and then stopped at my sister's house to see the baby before heading home. 

On Thursday night we went to their house which is about 8 minutes up the same road to see them and have dinner. It was so nice to see my mom and be able to share everything with them. She brought home some of the cutest little dresses for the girls.

Although we talked some over the phone while they were away, it was so nice to just be together again. I'm so happy my mom is home! She's going with me to my next ob appointment and will get to see the girls on ultrasound. I don't think she's seen an ultrasound since she had her own almost 30 years ago.

 It's so great to be able to share things (in person) with her.  
Mama/Grandma-Dukes is on the right. Next to her is my step-dad. W and I are in the middle with my little bro S, and my sister and her husband are the ones on the left. 


  1. So happy your momma is home and that she gets to share more in this experience with you!

  2. How nice to be able to share this wonderful experience with your Mom! that MD thing is really cute too :)

  3. So glad shes' back and able to be involved!!

  4. Glad they made it back! It's just nice to have your family around. Not the same having a phone conversation vs. being in the same room and feeling the love. Great picture of your family.