Saturday, June 22, 2013

23 Weeks...4 Days Late

This week was the first week I have been behind in my picture taking and blogging. Time is just going so quickly and it feels like there's never enough time to do everything I want and need. 

I'm beyond elated to be this far and have been feeling the girls move like crazy. It seemed like yesterday baby A got started at 6 am and didn't stop moving all day. It's so unbelievably amazing to feel them bopping, kickboxing, and squirming around in me so regularly. I don't think the feeling will ever get old. 

Since I'm so late getting my 23 week post up, it means I'm only 3 days away from the highly sought after 24 week mark. W and I are definitely planning to celebrate that milestone!

Babies- They are growing like crazy and are around 11 inches each. I've read that they weigh over a pound, but who knows with it being twins. I know at 18 weeks for the anatomy scan they were both 8 oz. I hope they are close to that pound mark now. Babies are hearing loud sounds and they have a better sense of movement. They definitely like music when we play it for them. I should probably try more relaxing music, but so far we know they definitely like reggae. Both babies get moving to some good Peter Tosh. 

Weight Gain- At my unscheduled ob appointment last Monday I was up another 3 pounds to put me up 15 pounds total from the weight I averaged pre-IVF, or 20 pounds from when I felt really sick around 7 weeks. I'm feeling pretty good and only really see the weight going to my belly. There's a little extra in my thighs and boobs as well, but it's definitely centered on the belly. 

Belly- It's getting BIG. I can't believe the change in the photos I've taken over the past month or so. Random strangers are asking when I'm due and I feel like I have to add that it's twins or I get the wide-eyed-double take. 

My linea nigra line is getting darker and my belly button still has just a little bit of integrity left. I told W to feel my belly button the other day and he replied, "what belly button?"

 I've been feeling lots of bigger kicks and movements and love it! I think I can (roughly) tell where each baby is, but movements in the middle are quite questionable as to which baby they are coming from. 

Cravings- Italian salad dressing, ice cold water, and chocolate milkshakes. I went to the grocery store the other day and bought so many delicious looking fruits and vegetables. And then I hid the cocoa puffs in the bottom of my cart under all the healthy stuff. 

Symptoms- The heartburn remains but hasn't been as bad lately. I'm back to feeling pretty tired by the end of the day and extended patience is hard to come by. The middle of the night extreme thirst is back which doesn't help with bathroom trips. Speaking of bathroom trips, they are getting much more frequent. One night I counted that I had gotten up 6 times. That's pretty average now. 

Things that were easier in the beginning are starting to get a little harder like turning over and getting up in bed, getting up and down from the floor for work, and finding a comfortable position on the couch. I also notice that my prenatal yoga class is getting a little harder. I'm so grateful and happy to continue going, it's just getting a little more challenging. 

Sleep- Oh, uninterrupted sleep, how I miss you. Like I said, about 6 times per night. This does not equate to restful and amazing sleep. I'm back to napping or lying down most days because I feel like I need it by the end of the work day. 

Mood- Patience, where did you go? Work has been particularly trying. I feel like I haven't been as nice to the kids as I could be, but it's HARD! Otherwise, I'm just so grateful and happy to be at this point. 

Meds- I started taking some Vitamin D and fish oil at the urging of my chiropractor. When I had my TSH, Vitamin D, and iron levels tested a few weeks ago all were normal. I guess growing 2 babies is just hard work and exhaustion is normal. 

My Lovenox shot has started bleeding hours after I do the shot. This has resulted in 2 blood-stained shirts. I bought little circle band-aids and then my skin had a terrible reaction to the adhesive. I can't win. 

Memorable Moments- There have been so many since I last posted! 

W got the other crib painted to match the one we already had and we set both cribs up! It looks amazing. 

We also got a glider from the same woman we got the crib and changing table from. W tried it out with our dog Pepper and it worked great. We need to wash the cushions, but it's really nice. 
We picked out some wall decorations on Etsy and now just need to order them. The nursery is coming together! 

W felt big kicks for the first time on Father's Day morning. We celebrated Father's day for the first time as well. I got him a flag pole to put on the house and a Syracuse University flag to fly on game days. It's something he said he really wanted. Also, I got him a little board book called Daddy Kisses to read to the girls when they are here. He loved it!

We sent out baby shower invitations and I set up 2 different registries. One is at a big chain and the other is a website with cloth diapers and accessories. The baby shower will be July 21st and I'll be almost 28 weeks. I didn't want to wait too long and either be super uncomfortable or on bed rest. My MiL and SiL are hosting the shower for me and W has planned a boating/beer drinking alternative for the guys. 

I joined the local Mom's of Multiples group.

Today we took our first boat ride of the summer out on the lake and it was beautiful. Our dog Pepper came for his second ever boat ride. The first time was years ago, but all I can say is....both ends! He had a much better time today. 
This is W, our nephew, and our dog Togie. Pepper had already been dropped off when this pic was taken. 
I've been spending lots of time with Mama-Dukes since she got home and love that I can just call to chat whenever. It's so nice having her back. 

Also, my friend T finally moved out of the hospital after 6 full weeks of being there. She is now about 5 mins from the hospital at the Ronald McDonald house. I visited her there Thursday night after yoga and it's absolutely beautiful. She seems really happy and I'm glad she's in a more comfortable and homey place. 

Upcoming- Ob appointment on Monday with an ultrasound...finally. It's been 6 weeks since I've seen the girls and I'm just so excited. Mama-Dukes is coming with me and will get to see them for her first time. 

Perinatal appointment on Wednesday with another ultrasound that W will get to come to. 

We are going to W's cousin's wedding next weekend in NJ. We decided to skip the rehearsal dinner and just go for the wedding on Saturday and breakfast on Sunday. It was going to be too much otherwise. Also, it took a while to find someone wiling to take the dogs. 

Hopefully the bedding will come in soon for the cribs and I can get motivated again to work on quilt #2. 


  1. This post makes me happy! Almost 24! And friend? This is like the one time in your life when you DON'T need to hide the cocoa puffs! lol

  2. Wow!! 24 weeks congrats! Sounds like things are moving along nicely.

  3. Great pictures! Congrats on 24 week mark. You are moving along so wonderfully and time is really flying!

  4. Great pics!! It must be really exciting to have the nursery coming together. I agree with T, (for me anyway) it seems like time is flying!

  5. Live the pic with W and Pepper. So cute. I'm so glad to hear that T is doing well and in a more comfortable place. Thanks for the updat on her, I've been wondering. And woo -Hoo!! Such a big milestone coming up!!

  6. Well you're 24 by now! YAY!!!!!