Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Cloud 9

On Monday I had an ob appointment with an ultrasound. Mama-Dukes attended but hasn't been feeling like herself lately so was a little detached from the whole thing. The ultrasound technician was running behind and took me in 20 minutes late. She is usually very prompt. She then said something about how they didn't book me a long enough appointment because it was twins. The scan was very quick and she didn't point much out. The babies had their heads right next to each other on my right side. She quickly measured their heads, abdomens, and femur bones to get an estimated weight for each baby. She printed one crummy picture for each baby and sent us into the waiting room. I was disappointed to say the least. 

We were then called back to see the ob. He was super positive and said that the babies were both around the 50th percentile and weighed around a pound and a half each. My cervix measured 5.4 with the help of my super full bladder. All of this was such great news and I left in an amazing mood. 

Yesterday marked 24 weeks. This is a huge milestone that we had been waiting for. 24 weeks, or viability, is described as, "The time in pregnancy when the baby, if born now and prematurely, has a reasonable chance of survival. The chances of survival increase with each day after 24 weeks, and the risk of complications decrease." 

W and I went out last night for a nice dinner to celebrate this milestone. He had a beer and I had a root beer and we exchanged huge smiles as clinked our glasses together. He also "bought" me some hydrangeas from our yard and put them in a vase on my bedside table. We went home and went up to bed fairly quickly. We played some music for the babies and W felt them bopping and moving around like crazy. 

Today we had an appointment with the perinatologist. W came along and I was so happy he did. The ultrasound technician was amazing and really took her time. She told us everything she was measuring and got some great profile pictures of each baby. I asked pretty early on whether they did 3D there or not and she said they had it but didn't do it unless necessary. As she neared the end of the scan she checked her schedule and said she could try 3D. We were so happy she did because the babies both cooperated and were absolutely adorable. We got some really great photos of their faces. They are so ridiculously cute. She then gave us the pictures with an envelope to put/hide them in since she wasn't supposed to do the 3D. 

We met with the doctor after waiting forever and she once again confirmed that everything was great. She also discharged us from the perinatal center. She said they could easily see me again if necessary, but that for now I no longer needed to be seen by them. 

Being at 24 weeks and having everything going so well (knocks on wood) is amazing. We are just so happy to finally be smooth sailing after all of the bumps we experienced getting to this point. I'm so happy and amazed with my body and how well everything is going. I honestly couldn't be happier. 

I figured I's do the 24 week update since it's such a huge milestone. Feel free to skip the following. I just like to document this amazing experience, and blogging has been the best way I've found so far. 
Babies- Both measured 1 lb 8 oz at today's appointment. Their faces are looking chubbier and they are moving like crazy. I love it!

Weight Gain- I'm up about 19 pounds from the starting point W and I agreed I should stick with. 

Belly- Tonight W and I both saw movements from the outside. It was all baby b, she's always the mover and shaker. My belly is definitely getting closer to my steering wheel of my car and I'm starting to wonder how this is going to work for much longer. Being only 5'2'' my arms and legs aren't the longest. Moving the seat back should be interesting. W said I need platform driving shoes. 

My uterus measured at 31 weeks on Monday. So much for things slowing down a bit, they've definitely picked up speed. I've been consistently 6 weeks ahead this whole pregnancy and now I'm up to 7. 

Someone today told me I looked like I "was close" and I just laughed at her. 

Cravings- Still the same. I do love a Starbucks decaf frappuccino when I can find one. 

Symptoms- Is euphoria considered one? Heartburn is better. Peeing at night is ridiculous. 

Sleep- Last night was the first night the girls have woken me up with their movements while I was sleeping. I got up so many times to pee and slept horribly. Oh well, hopefully tonight will be better. 

Mood- So overwhelmingly happy this week!!

Memorable Moments- Getting to see the babies twice this week and learning how big they are. I guess those milkshakes really are helping. Seeing their adorable faces in 3D. 

Being discharged from the perinatal center. 

Learning my cervix is super long and closed. 

Seeing movements on the outside of my belly. 

Buying wall art for the nursery.

Celebrating 24 weeks with a nice dinner out. 

Handling the first 90 degree days. 

Having a good conversation with my boss and feeling supported with what I want. 

Upcoming- Wedding in NJ this weekend.

Next ob appointment July 8th.

Receiving and hanging wall art in the nursery. 

I'll try to update the belly picture and ultrasound picture pages soon. 


  1. Amazing! I love reading your updates so much! That is so cool that you got to see them twice in one week. Congrats on 24 weeks. I am so incredibly happy for you!

  2. Woooooooooooo hoooooooooooooooo! :)

  3. Wonderful news! Congratulations!!