Wednesday, December 24, 2014

A Big Week

On Monday W took his last paid day off of the year. We decided to make it a family day and visited the National Museum of Play in Rochester, NY. Even though the girls are young they still had so much fun. That night when we got home all Lucy wanted to do was practice walking. As a result, Clara decided to practice as well. For the first time Lucy took a handful of steps and then more and more. Clara had taken a few in the past but also decided to join in the fun and and they were both walking fools around the living room. They're still mainly crawling to get from place to place, but they're starting to take steps between things in the house and want to practice walking all the time. I'm sure they'll both be primarily walking in no time. 

It's so funny that they love to practice their walking together. When one falls the other always does too, even if she's not that close. They're like little dominos. It's seriously so cute! 

Last summer I wrote about my step sister Liz and her IVF cycle. Her first cycle didn't work but she had two embryos they froze. Last Wednesday she transferred one of those embryos. With my encouragement (bad influence, haha!) she took a home pregnancy test yesterday morning at 6dp5dt. She sent me a picture of an amazing positive test yesterday and then a darker one today. I'm so happy and excited for her!! Funny thing is, I put her transfer date into a due date calculator online and it had the day after Lucy and Clara's birthday as the due date. 

Two really amazing things have happened this week and it just makes me that much more excited to celebrate Christmas with family. Tonight we go to my in-laws for dinner and tomorrow we'll host lunch for family. I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas Eve. 

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