Sunday, December 7, 2014

15 Months

I stopped doing these monthly updates last month but then was sad when I read an update from the early months and thought about there only being there for their first year. The girls are still growing and changing so much every month so I want to be able to look back and remember.
Sister love! This was practically a make out session, lol.
Trying on our new winter coats

Lucy- you've become such a happy little girl. You smile and laugh often, especially when we tickle your ribs or thighs. Since starting physical therapy you've practically caught back up with your sister. You're cruising furniture, standing independently for a few seconds at a time, and walking like crazy when we hold your hands or when you use your walker.  You're still sensitive and shy and there are days when you cry for the physical therapist. It's really a good act you can put on, lol. You're finally getting more hair and in the back you have a single curl. You've been eating so much better and love yogurt, pomegranate, and anything new or different. When we go out to eat you do so well, especially when it's ethnic foods like Thai or Indian. You're still not a great sleeper but I just can't fathom the thought of letting you cry it out if you're legitimately hungry. Typically you are up twice a night and will nurse and go back to sleep. We try to get you back in your crib ASAP because you'll always sleep in later if you're in there. You take naps pretty well but occasionally fight your afternoon nap. I'm pretty sure you'll be ready to go to one nap a day before your sister. Laundry is still one of your favorite things and you will do in and out play with the clothes in the laundry basket. You love any physical play (rocking horse, bouncing on a big exercise ball, climbing all over your anywhere chairs, etc). You still love your paci, but aren't quite as attached as you used to be. I think you weigh around 15 pounds and are wearing mostly 9-12 month clothes. You have 2 top teeth and 2 bottom ones, with another almost cutting through your gums on the bottom. We still have your cloth diapers without a rise and there's a single snap free in the middle. You nurse 3-4 times during the day and 1-2 at night. You've also started trying to bite your sister. You've only succeeded once, but you try multiple times a day despite our efforts to stop you. You're babbling and imitating like crazy and will spontaneously use a few words from time to time. You're definitely developing more personality every day and I can't believe what a big girl you're becoming. 

I came home from yoga one morning to find my mom and Lucy snuggling and taking a nap. 

Practicing her walking with Pop-pop

Helping mama make a turkey craft

Ho, Ho, Ho!

A gift from last winter that still fits! Being tiny is good for something. 

Look at those teeth!

Clara- you are such a laid back little girl most of the time. I'm finding that with you regardless of how much I what you to do things, you'll do them when you're good and ready. You can stand for minutes at a time and your balance is amazing. Yet, you still don't want to walk it seems. You've tried a few times, but you aren't really that into it. You also aren't very interested in talking. You babble some, but haven't really started using any words consistently. You love playing and take it so seriously. The ring stacker is no longer your favorite although you'll still play with it and love to find ring stackers at friends houses. You've recently become very attached to your lovey "Owliver". I know, I'm creative. You're also suddenly obsessed with your paci. We try to limit use to your crib, the car, and the stroller. You figured out you could fish them out of the cribs so we have to be sure they're out of reach. Your favorite foods are yogurt and any starches like crackers. You're not very adventurous with eating and learned to shake your head no in refusal. You weigh about 17 1/2 pounds and are wearing 9-12 month clothes. Your cloth diapers have one row of rise snaps and two snaps free in the middle. You cruise furniture, stand independently for minutes at a time, and love your walker. You use the signs for please, all done, eat, and water. You'll imitate a dog panting sound and point to body parts when asked. You nurse 2-3 times a day and are less interested. Some days you don't want to work to get my milk to letdown, but you seem fine without it. You take breastmilk from a sippy and love to drink water. You're still our great sleeper and go 12 hours most nights unless you're teething or sick. You're also a great napper. You have 3 teeth on the top and 3 on the bottom. It's so amazing watching you turn into a little human before my eyes. 
Out for a walk
Such a big girl on the slide!

Look at my new trick!

On a particularly sleep deprived morning we tried on some gifts and had a good laugh. 

Where did my hands go?!

Standing like a pro. 

I can't believe the girls are 15 months. They've officially reached the "we fight over everything" phase and it's not fun. For the most part they get along well, but they have their moments. They also will give each other kisses when prompted. I just love watching them grow and change every day together. 
We took the walkers to a basketball court so they had more space to go, go go. 

At the playground. 

When did my sweet babies turn into naughty toddlers? Left the room to make a phone call and use the bathroom and came back to this!

They love these chairs!

Mama was giving rides. They were loving it!

Climbing up the stairs to go to bed. 

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  1. I love your monthly updates and reading about their milestones, so I'm glad you decided to continue! Your girls are absolutely gorgeous!