Sunday, December 28, 2014


Isn't this such a lovely topic and title for my post? 

Well, up until about a week ago I hadn't dealt with any puke from either of the girls. That has all quickly changed. 

About 2 weeks ago I tried giving Clara the multivitamin the pediatrician prescribed. The girls were slightly low in their iron at their 1 year checkup and we also don't have fluoride in our water. The vitamin contains iron and fluoride in addition to other things. I didn't give it to Lucy because she had been constipated and I knew iron wouldn't help the situation. I gave Clara the full dose after breakfast. 

When she woke up from her nap she started really crying which is unusual because they usually wake up happy from their morning nap. When I went in I found her covered in vomit and about 2/3rds of her crib also soaked. I brought her to the tub and cleaned her up. The rest of the day she seemed fine. Later that day I realized it was likely the vitamin that made her sick. 

Unfortunately that's not the only puke story I have. Christmas Eve brought a whole new round. The girls were dressed in their Christmas dresses and knitted bunting suits my MiL made them. About 5 minutes into our drive I decided I wanted some coffee. As we pulled into the Dunkin Donuts we heard gagging and puking in the backseat. Clara had puked all over herself. We tag teamed it, cleaned her up, and headed back on our way. I told W if she got sick again on the way we were turning around. 

We made it to my in laws fine. As I was in the kitchen doing something about an hour after we got there W came in and told me Clara had gotten sick in the living room. We cleaned her and the living room up. At this point she was down to her onesie. She seemed fine though. We sat down for dinner and didn't really offer her much. 

Before leaving I nursed both girls since we intended them to fall asleep on the ride home. Clara made me nervous as she chugged and chugged, but I figured she was hungry and maybe the milk would help her feel better. Boy was I wrong! She was gagging and coughing pretty soon after getting in the car. I hopped in the backseat to try to comfort her. About 3 minutes after getting on the highway she got so sick. She was completely covered in a pool of puke (poor girl). I told W to pull over immediately even though we were on the highway. We pulled her onesie off and I warped her in a blanket and held her. We drove the rest of the way home like that. I knew she felt awful and she was so limp and passed out on me that I didn't want to move her. She woke up as we were pulling down our road and got sick once more. 

When we got home we put her to bed. Lucy hadn't really slept for much of the ride so I nursed her again and put her down. The rest of the night was pretty quiet. 

Clara woke up with a bit of a fever on Christmas morning. We gave her Tylenol and it came down. We hosted both of our families and the girls got so spoiled with all of their gift. Both girls seemed a bit lethargic all day but we attributed it to a busy day. 

On Saturday I texted my SiL to see if they wanted to go to a movie. She responded with telling me that she, her husband, and my FiL had all been hit with a stomach bug on Friday night. When I called my parents I found out my brother and mom had also gotten sick. 

W and I feel pretty bad that so many people got sick from our house on Christmas. 

It was just about a month ago that I was bragging to my friend (who has twin girls that get carsick regularly) that I hadn't yet dealt with any puke. Shows me to open my big mouth!! 

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