Thursday, September 25, 2014


I recently write about how I want to pursue my IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant). Well, I got the really great IBCLC to agree to take me on and supervise me. I thought that was going to be the difficult part. 

Well, not so much. I've encountered a problem with the hospital approving it. Explaining all of the details would be boring, but basically the hospital and NICU currently have a staffing issue. They are currently looking to hire an IBCLC part time to fill the days that Char isn't there and they currently don't have anyone fully qualified to do it. The hospital told me they want to make the certification available to current staff first. 

Hopefully once they solve this issue I'll be cleared to start. I'm really disappointed but am staying hopeful it will work out. 


  1. That's understandable from the hospital's perspective but a bummer for you. Sorry to hear it.

    Are there perhaps other requirements you can get out of the way while you are waiting to complete that hands-on, practical portion?

  2. Arg. I'm sorry for the delay. Hopefully it will all get worked out soon!