Thursday, September 4, 2014

Good Riddance Spica!

Lucy got the best birthday present of all with the removal of her spica cast.

Our appointment was scheduled for 1:45 so that W could make it. I spent most of the morning feeling incredibly anxious. The girls took an almost 2 hour morning nap and when they got up we headed out. I knew I couldn't just sit around all day thinking about things.  

So, we headed to the mall to meet up with my friend and her twin girls. We didn't have a ton of time there but it served as a great distraction. 

When we arrived at our appointment W was waiting there for us. They took us back fairly quickly and we waited for her x ray. I was so nervous and anxious at that point. W took her in the room to do the X-rays and I heard her screaming through the door. This made me think she was still in pain and her leg hadn't healed enough. W was able to get a look at the X-ray and felt very positive about the amount of healing. Until we heard the cast was coming off from the dr I didn't dare get myself excited. W isn't exactly an orthopedic so I couldn't trust his interpretation of the X-ray. 

They took us back to the waiting room. As we waited I felt like I was going to puke. 

We finally got the word the cast was coming off and they had us wait in a new hallway. 

After a few minutes someone got us and brought us into a room with a bed. She had us lay Lucy down and explained how the saw worked. She warned us that she would likely cry a lot while it was getting cut off because it was loud and vibrated a lot. She also said she'd likely cry a lot once it was off because she'd be sore and stiff. She then got to work. 

The cast was difficult to remove. It took a lot of sawing and prying with special scissors. Lucy did a lot of screaming and crying. She was scared and upset and just wanted to be picked up. I felt awful that I couldn't help her, but luckily nothing about it was painful at all. Underneath the outer shell of the cast there were layers and layers of padding. The woman who removed the cast commented multiple times on how clean it was. Once she pried it all off Lucy stopped crying. We were surprised to find out she would need a splint, but happy the cast was off. 

They brought us to a room where I nursed the girls and we waited for the dr. Lucy was kicking her legs and acting so happy. I tried to sit her up and she was a little wobbly but full of smiles. 

The dr came in and talked to us a bit. She told us we could take the splint off ourselves at home after about a week and a half and that we would return in a month to see her. She commented on how amazed she was by Lucy's behavior and lack of crying. 

When we got home Lucy was so eager to play and she just sat up and played for so long. It was so nice to see my girls playing at the same level again. 

She's been rolling, sitting up, and transitioning from sitting to her belly. She's also tried to army crawl backwards a few times. I made a referral for early intervention to get her evaluated for physical therapy. I'm not sure if she'll qualify, but I don't think it would hurt. 

I'm once again amazed by my daughter. She is so resilient and strong. Everyone said she'd be miserable once the cast came off. 

Either she knew it was her birthday and wanted to live it up, or she's just one tough little cookie. 


  1. I was SO happy to read this and see how well she did with the cast coming off. Lucy is definitely a little trooper!

  2. Hooray! Way to heal, Lucy! You must all be feeling so much happier now.

  3. Awh -- yay!! I'm so thankful she was able to get it off and is doing so well!

  4. A truly wonderful present. Thank goodness!!!

  5. Hurray for a little fighter!
    Happy birthday! S if it was yesterday when I read about their birth!

  6. I'd say she is one tough little cookie, even it's be did know it was her birthday! I'm so glad she was able to get that cast off and her leg seems to be heeling well. I hope she continues to do so well. Great job to you and W for getting through this tough time and for taking such good care of her.