Tuesday, July 15, 2014

IVF Revisited

We did 5 fresh IVF cycles and 7 transfers to get Lucy and Clara here. During the process I researched and read about it as much as possible. I tracked hormone levels, medications, my response, and the results all on my blog. I found other bloggers going through the same thing as well as friends in real life through yoga for fertility to connect with. 

For a while there it felt like my life revolved around the IVF process. In the end it was totally worth it, but I can't say any of the details are still super clear at this point. Time has served it purpose in helping me to forget some of it. 

A few months ago my step-sister Liz started the preliminary processes to begin an IVF cycle. Her husband was married previously and he has two teenaged children. After the birth of his second child he had a vasectomy. This meant he would have to undergo a sperm aspiration surgery, but they knew that going into it. 

Through the initial blood work of hormone levels Liz learned she had DOR or Diminished Ovarian Reserve. Her FSH levels were very high and the drs didn't expect a great response from the meds. 

Despite what they learned they decided they still wanted to go through with the IVF. Abnormal TSH levels and a referral to an endocrinologist created another small bump in the road, but finally at the end of June she was cleared to start stims. 

Once her cycle started we began texting pretty much every day. I helped clarify things for her, explained the purpose of some medications, tried to calm her down when necessary, and cheered her on when her body had a great response. Her egg rerrieval was last Wednesday and they got 17 eggs!! Unfortunately the following day she learned that only 2 fertilized initially and that once fertilized many others degenerated. That day 3 others also fertilized. 

Liz transferred a 7 celled embryo on Saturday (they opted for a single embryo transfer-perhaps because my twins scare her, haha). She's currently in the two week wait. 

During this process I revisited some old blog posts in order to share with her. It immediately put me right back in that place and was such a reminder of the fact that I am a "success story" with infertility. I'm living life as a mommy to beautiful twin girls. That are ours. From our genetics. Grown in my body. 

These facts are amazing and not lost on me. My girls are so perfect and I feel so lucky to have them despite everything we went through to get them here. 

Reliving the process through my step sister reminded me how strong every woman is to go through that. Our babies may not realize it or appreciate it, but we put ourselves through a lot just for the chance to have them. 

So, if you get a second, please send positive and implanting embryo vibes to my step-sister Liz. We all know she could use them! 

Here's hoping I'll have a new little niece or nephew next April to snuggle. 


  1. I had the same experience with a cousin recently, it was weird to go back and remember all those feelings that as you said had somewhat faded away. But every time I read another archived post, I felt the same- grateful. So incredibly grateful that we are finally here, parenting a perfect set of twinsies! Sending lots of hope and prayers Liz's way!

  2. isn't it amazing to realize how far you've come and how much you've healed? The pain is still there when you read back through posts written while deep in the midst of treatments, but for me at least, it's...removed in a way now that is nice. Time does heal, at least to a point.

    Best of luck to your step-sister!

  3. I just wanted to inform you that 3 days ago I became a mum, too:). It was our 6 trial, but first one with Dr. B. You and your blog have helped me tremendously! Thank you💖

  4. I love that cartoon! Sending positive vibes for your step-sister. Infertility is certainly not for the faint of heart. I'm hoping this is her miracle.