Saturday, March 29, 2014

Be kind

I haven't been the best at keeping up with my blog. I went quite a while without posting much recently. Then I got back into it. I voiced my opinions and  experiences and did so honestly. Heck, it's my blog, I'll write whatever I want. 

I was disappointed to see that although I was posting again not many people appeared to be reading or commenting. 

That's fine. I keep my blog for myself and write so I can look back and remember these things. I want to be able to remember the good things and the bad things. I don't write for comments, but of course they are nice. 

Usually that is. The past few days I've gotten 2 comments that were very judgmental and negative. And big surprise, they're from an anonymous commenter. 

So, annonymous commenter, I ask you, please stop reading. Please stop with your negative comments. I don't want you reading and providing your negativity. 

Thank you for kindly stepping away from my very personal and honest space. Unless you have something positive or helpful to contribute I'm good on your judgement of me. 


  1. All of the anonymous commenters that leave mean things are in real life very sad and jealous people. They want to have lives of those who they judge so harshly.

    Don't give it's second thought :)

  2. First, I want you to know that I LOVE reading your blog. I read every post, even if I'm a week or two behind in reading. I love learning from your experiences with twins and maybe what's in store for me, as your girls are just a little older than my babies.

    Second, I don't understand rude, judgemental people. Especially if they stay anonymous, which to me means they have no validation to their mean comments.

    I love you Liz! Forget about those people and know you do have friends in this bloggie world!

  3. I love reading. I don't always take time to comment, but I love hearing about other twin mama's lives! Keep it up, and GO AWAY meanies!

  4. Hi Liz,

    This is Sara from ff.
    First of all, keep writing for yourself and your girls. They will be happy to see it later on. Also, what you had written before during ttc and pregnancy have helped many who read your blog, including myself. Every time when I felt strange, I would go and read your observations.
    As for those comments, I read both. Why did you find them upsetting? It was a matter or opinion exchange. Sometimes different ways of thinking open the doors to different perspectives. Perhaps the second comment was a bit harsher in expression, but we meet in reality people who express themselves as such, but still you sit and listen and that's it. If you want, respond. If you don't want, ignore. However, I didn't feel they were meant to be insulting, esp not the first one. But again, it's my point of view.
    I hope you will manage to travel to Mexico and have a good time. Keep an eye on your beauties there.


  5. I am still reading although I don't comment as much as I used to. I still love reading! I am so sorry you have been receiving some negative comments. I'm so glad you aren't going to let it stop you from writing

  6. Hey Liz - just wanted to say that I'm always reading, even if I'm not always commenting. I've been way behind on blogs since my sister died and am just catching up this weekend.

    I also wanted to say that I rarely comment on your blog b/c of the catchpa. Impossible from a cell phone, and a PITA even from the computer. When I had blogger, I went into my comment settings and DISabled anonymous commenting (for reasons like this post!) and unchecked the catchpa requirement, and I never had a problem with spam. Maybe give that a shot? Hopefully it will cut down on anon comments AND make it easier for your friends to comment!

  7. It is Sara ff again.
    I'm a bit puzzled by some comments here. For example, I don't have a blog, but I do have a Google account and Liz knows it. However, I sign my name at the end of my Anonymous comment. I see myself as her net and fertility forum friend who has followed her for over a year now.
    Now, does it mean if I'm Liz's friend, I'm not entitled to the opinions opposite of hers? Let's say she had mentioned something I didn't agree with or I thought was not good for her, but for some reason she didn't see it the way I did. Should I keep silent in order not to make her upset or is it better to explain to her the way I see her issue so that she would feel more comfortable with the events around her? I'm trying to figure out what is acceptable and what not among you ladies.

  8. Like a lot of other ppl here, I've been reading and following quietly. I will try to drop a line more frequently so you don't feel like you're writing into the void :)

  9. I have read every single one of your blogs posts, but have probably only commented 2x. I enjoy reading and can relate to most of your experiences. We have used the same doctors (Dr. K and Dr. B) and I also had twins. My boys were born after many months on bed rest at 36w2d on Christmas eve 2013. They spent 13 days in the NICU at St. Joseph's hospital in Syracuse and I love them to pieces. Your posts remind me that I'm not alone in this world of twin pregnancy and parenthood. Keep writing girl !!!!

  10. Me too! Always read when I can..don't always get to comment. But I love hearing how the girls are doing! And UGH to the mean comments :( I get very protective of my blogger friends when I hear stuff like this!!!! xo

  11. I'm here and reading as always! I love following your blog but sorry for the lack of commments! I am a lazy commenter :) I love watching your little ones grow. Don't take negative comments to heart and keep on writing. Like you said, this is your blog and write what you want!!

  12. I'm reading, too. Just been really bad at commenting lately. I just got a really, really hateful anonymous comment yesterday for the first time. I don't care if people disagree with me, just do it in a respectful way and don't hide behind the anonymous option. I am thinking of disabling anonymous commenting now. Keep writing and don't worry about the random internet crazies.

  13. I'm still reading but have been slacking on commenting the past month. Hope you keep writing!

  14. I'm trying to keep up with the reading :) I often read but don't comment...heck, I can't seem to get my own blog writing up-to-date ;) Anyway, keep writing because I LOVE knowing what is going on with those cuties, even if I don't get to respond :)

    Also, I have no idea what the negative comments were...but sometimes I worry about what I write, that I will seem ungrateful when discussing difficult stages with my kids. I know my blog started as an infertility blog, so I'm worried about honestly discussing parenting challenges-because I don't want to sound ungrateful when I know how lucky we are!!! So it's been difficult for me to be super open...anyway, just my experience...

  15. I hear you. I actually swtiched blog addresses in order to keep the honesty in my blog real and open. People who write negative comments need to just stay out of your business. This is not what blogging is for.

    I know you were following me as well, and wanted to let you know that I switched my blog over to:

    I hope you write more soon. I'm looking forward to supporting you and your blog.

  16. I've been notoriously bad at commenting lately, not for lack of reading though! xx