Wednesday, March 26, 2014


I'm pretty sure W is trying to sabotage our vacation plans. I don't think he realizes it, but man he's making it difficult. I'll be amazed if all 4 of us are on that plane on Sunday. 

It started with the passports. I filled out the applications for the ones for the girls and dealt with their pictures. W did his own application. We mailed them all at the same time. 

Over a week ago we received Lucy and Clara's passports. W said he checked about his and they had cashed the check. 

By the following week I asked him if he could check the status. He said he tried but it only had old information regarding a passport card he got last year. 

Well, on Saturday we received a priority envelope. In my excitement I opened it up expecting to find a passport. Instead I found a letter. It stated his picture wasn't recent enough and that his application was denied. Cue freak out.

He made some calls and got a new photo taken. He sent it overnight on Monday. He seemed confident he would receive the passport on time. So far, no passport. 

Then there's this morning. I woke up to hear W slamming the bathroom door and then vomiting. Cue freak out #2. 

I was supposed to do an evaluation today. Instead I cancelled, packed up the babies, and went to my in laws house to try to escape the plague. As I was walking out the door I heard W vomiting. On my way I got pulled over going 53 in a 30 mph zone. Luckily the police officer let me go. 

So, now I'm at my in laws praying we don't all get this nasty bug. Last I talked to W he was struggling to keep down even small spoonfuls of water. 

So, hopefully the rest of us will stay healthy and W's passport will arrive on time for us all to enjoy our vacation. Please send us happy and healthy vibes for the vacation I so badly need! 


  1. I do hope he's over his bug and that you and the girls have stayed healthy! Where are you going on vacation? Sounds like you have big plans since you need passports! Hope his comes in time!

  2. I could never trust my husband with those little details. He's an awesome guy, but not a detail guy. Hopefully you get it all straightened out in time! This reminds me that I really want to get my kids' passports as well.