Monday, April 14, 2014

Sick Babies

I think the only thing worse than one sick baby is 2 sick babies. 

The week we were on vacation my mom got sick. By the following week (last week) she said she was feeling better and came over on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. She was still coughing and lethargic, and obviously having her here backfired. 

This past week we were adjusting to being home and trying a slightly different schedule where we get up around 7:30 for the day. The girls used to sleep longer but that stopped before we left for vacation. We didn't bother trying to make the adjustment until we got home. 

On Wednesday night Clara was up all night crying and wanting to eat. I'm pretty sure I fed both babies twice during the night. Normally Clara sleeps soundly for about 8 straight hours. I'm used to getting up to feed Lucy, but not both babies multiple times!

Thursday night Lucy woke up with a high fever of 102.8 and a stuffy nose. We gave her Tylenol, but she did not sleep for any long stretches or sleep soundly. 

On Friday I continued to give her Tylenol but the fever wouldn't go below 100.5. We finally took her to the ped that afternoon. Her fever was still up but apparently I was under dosing her. Instead of 1.5 ml I should have been giving her 2.5 ml. We left with a script for amoxicillin just in case her condition worsened over the weekend. We were all in agreement that we didn't want to give it to her unless absolutely necessary. 

Friday night the fever went down some and by Saturday she only had a low grade fever. On Saturday Lucy was still very grumpy and not napping well. Saturday night, luckily, both girls finally slept well. It was amazing.

It was also very short lived. Clara woke up Sunday morning with a high fever and stuffy nose. Both girls slept horribly again last night and I'm exhausted. Clara did a lot of crying all night and I know she didn't feel well. I don't think I slept more than 2 consecutive hours. Lucy is never a great sleeper so she got up a few times too. Clara woke up again this morning with another high fever. I'm really hoping both girls are feeling better soon. 

So, the past 4 out of 5 nights have felt like the newborn days all over again. Broken sleep, lots of crying, and exhausted parents. I'm really hoping Clara starts to feel better soon. This mama needs some sleep!


  1. Poor baby girls! Praying for health and rest!

  2. If possible, put on their feet and hands cold Greek yoghurt and let them wear socks and gloves so that the yoghurt could stay some time on . what's also good, but I'm not sure if it's applicable for babies, is to soak a cloth into red apple vinegar and wrap if around their feet. You should check on Google or with their per, but for sure it's working with the adults. Finally, something I heard from one of the ladies is to to cut red onion into small pieces and mix it with warm olive oil, them massage their chests. With such high temperature, they need a lot of liquid, but I am sure you know that. I hope they will be better soon.
    although sick, but they look really cute esc Clara:)
    Sara ff

  3. Awe I hope the girls feel better soon and you are able to get some rest!

  4. Oh, feel better soon, babies! I'm dreading the first illness around here (well, I was sick once early on, but M didn't catch it). Hoping for a good night's sleep for you all!

  5. Sick babies are the worst. I feel so bad for all of you. Take care!