Saturday, March 22, 2014

7 Months Old

The girls turned 7 months old while we were in Mexico. It's hard to believe how fast time is going and how much they have changed. This month was a good one. We introduced foods, took our first family vacation, and have switched pediatricians. 

Lucy- You seemed to have turned a corner this month with your eating. We finally ditched the shields and you are so much more efficient. You prefer to eat by yourself and with me in a side lying position. I don't mind because we get to snuggle during this time. You tried your first foods. At first you weren't too sure, but you've started to get the hang of it more. Bananas didn't agree with you, but everything else we've tried has gone pretty well. It tends to take a few bites every time for you to get the hang of it, but then you're more eager. You recently figured out how to spit out your food and once you've had enough, you spit it out. You loved being on vacation and it's the most relaxed we've ever seen you. I'm still taking you to the chiropractor and that seems to really help you to be more relaxed. You're rolling consistently from your belly to your back and have rolled from your back to your belly a few more times. You figured out smiling for the camera and will smile whenever I do anything with my phone. You're still a little weary of strangers but are getting better about it. Your cheeks really filled out this month and we finally got to hear some belly laughs from you. You are so much happier when you eat well and so are your parents. You gained weight really well this month and I've finally stopped worrying so much about it. You love to fake cough to get people's attention and you're grabbing your feet. You still get up at least once a night to eat and aren't really sleeping very long stretches. Although it was short lived this month you started making what we called whale calls. You'd lie in bed and stare up at the light and make these long, pitch-varying sounds when you were happy. Since we got back from vacation you've be very vocal. It's been such a great month for you. I can't believe how much you've changed and grown. 

Clara- You are our wiggly, giggly, little clown. You love to smile at strangers and are very social. You still love to eat and really like this food business. There are times when we worry you will choke because you dive bomb the spoon with an open mouth. The same goes for nursing. You open your mouth like a baby bird and grab at me with outstretched arms. You finally started to roll over and now we can't keep you on your tummy. We often hear you scratching surfaces with your fingers, especially when we put you down in your crib. Sometimes we stop what we're doing to try to figure out what the sound is and then laugh when we figure it out. You've also figured out how to throw toys from your high chair. I like to put you next to daddy so he can get lots of exercise picking up your toys. You had a great time on vacation but unfortunately the sunscreen didn't agree with you and you got quite the rash all over. It didn't keep you from smiling and being happy though. You've grown a lot of hair but most of it is in a center strip on  the top of your head like a mohawk. Your eyes are changing colors and seem to be more of a hazel than blue color. It'll be interesting to see what color they end up. You're a great sleeper and will go pretty long stretches as night. You almost always wake up smiling too. You are such a cutie and I can't believe how big you are. I love you so much!

The girls are really interacting with each other. They steal toys from each other all the time and love to kick each other and roll into and on to one another. Lucy can dish it out but sometimes gets very cranky if Clara touches her too much. We did a lot of singing the song "don't worry, be happy" and dancing this month. You both love the itsy bitsy spider, especially when your daddy sings it to you. We've tried some baby led weaning in addition to the puréed foods and you both really loved apple slices. Lucy seems to be more into the mouthing of foods as Clara tends to just throw most stuff from the high chair. The dogs love that the girls get foods and drop them often. Both girls are nursing without the shields (finally) and I'm only pumping once or twice a day. Prior to vacation we were giving the girls a bottle a day but I just nursed on vacation because it was much easier.  Hopefully we'll get them taking bottles again soon. 

I can't believe how big you are both getting. There are so many times when I feel like I should pinch myself because this life as the mommy of twin girls is surreal. I live it day-to-day, but when I step back and think about it, I can hardly believe how lucky I am. 


  1. They are getting so big- and are SO adorable!! We had some trouble with bananas with our reflux baby too. Once I realized it was food that is often a problem and looked up which others could be an issue I found that he almost always had at least a some upset from each of the 'problem' foods. I still used them, but it made me remember to feed them less often and just in small amounts until his reflux got a little less painful.
    I still step back at almost 20 months and am amazed at how lucky I am to be parenting TWO perfect little boys! I'm always so glad to hear how much you love motherhood :)

  2. They are so big and SO adorable!!! Thrilled to hear that Lucy is eating and gaining well. Woo-hoo!

  3. Awh - love all the pics and the update as usual! I can't believe they're on the down-slope to 1 already!

  4. They are getting so big and are so adorable. Their eyes are to die for! Wow, their eyes are gorgeous. Love all the pictures you share!