Wednesday, August 28, 2013

33 Weeks

Today I'm 33 weeks and 1 day and I'm just so happy to be at this point. I'm so glad these babies are still cooking.

The best news of the week/month is that W accepted a job offer. We were worried about him accepting and getting time off to be home with the babies. He had been offered the job last Friday but he met with the director again yesterday to discuss taking time off. Originally, he was planning to take a month with the old company. He was going to get 2 weeks of paid vacation and then take 2 weeks without pay. We were planning and saving for that. 

He's done working at his current job at the end of next week. The new job said he could start at the very end of October. This means he's still going to get the 2 weeks paid time off from his old job, and that he will also be able to collect unemployment for his time home with the girls. It's really pretty fantastic. We are both so happy and relieved with this scenario.

The new job will be home care physical therapy. He's excited about this change as it was what he originally wanted to do. I'm so happy for him. 

In other news W's parents are leaving a week from yesterday for 2 weeks of vacation. They are going to Croatia and Italy. As our biggest sources of help and support, we are really hoping the girls hold off on making their arrival until they get home. 

I've been monitoring my blood sugar levels and they have been great. They aren't even slightly elevated so it's frustrating I have to prick my finger twice a day to test them. Flavored seltzer and sparkling water have become my new best friends. 

Babies- The should both be at least 4 pounds this week and around 17 inches long. 

Weight Gain- I'm up 25 pounds total. I really think most of the gain has been in my belly as I'm still wearing the same pants I was in the teens of this pregnancy. 

Belly- Still measuring 37 weeks. I asked my ob today about the fact that it hasn't changed in the past few weeks and he didn't seem concerned. He said this may be as big as I get. The stretch marks on my left side are reaching a little higher despite my best efforts to stay moisturized. My belly button is also about flush with the surrounding skin. The babies are still really high in my belly and up around my ribs. 

Cravings/Aversions- I have a lot of flexibility at night to indulge and my fasting blood sugar levels are always good the following morning. We made a peach pie the other night and it was absolutely amazing. I've been enjoying flavored seltzer as well and that helps to have some variety outside of plain water. I'm getting better with the meat since I don't have much of a choice, but I'm still not loving it. 

Symptoms- Not much has changed. I'm still low energy, peeing a ton, sleeping like crap, sore and tired physically, surviving nighttime heartburn, and there are still some braxton hicks. The girls are so active while I lie down and I feel little limbs rolling and moving in my belly. It's so amazing. Baby a gets the hiccups multiple times a day and one day they both had them at the same time. 

Mood- Feeling pretty good overall. I'm so happy to be to this point. There are days when I get a little bored and impatient being home, but I'm also trying to enjoy this time to myself. 

Memorable Moments- Seeing the girls on ultrasound again and seeing how big they are getting.

W getting a new job. 

Washing all of the newborn cloth diapers.

Holding and snuggling baby Car.mine and getting to see Tam.ara.

Seeing President Obama's motorcade drive by and having him stay the night in the town we live in. 

Taking a few more rides in our boat before we took it out of the lake for the year. 
New sewing projects to keep myself busy.  

First and second non-stress tests for the babies. Both babies were very cooperative. b n

Arriving at the wrong time for my appointment with the dietician and needing to reschedule. 

Upcoming- W's birthday is the 1st and he'll be 32. Upon discussion with my ob today it looks like if we schedule a c-section the girls will be born a month later on October 1st. I hope they stay put until then despite it feeling like a lifetime away to my very pregnant and tired body. 

My in-law's will be on vacation for 2 weeks and hoping the girls stay put a while longer.

Next ob appointment in another week with another NST. 


  1. Yay for healthy, cooking babies! That is such wonderful news about your husband's job. I'm so glad to hear things are kind of falling into place!

  2. Oh, wow -- it sounds like W's job situation worked out in the best way possible! What a relief. Also glad to hear that managing the GD hasn't been TOO awful.

    I wish I could have another diagnostic u/s to measure the baby. I'm at twenty-four pounds gained as of yesterday, and like you, I feel like it must be mostly in my belly. My fundal height has been measuring two weeks ahead for a while now -- with one baby inside! I'm so curious as to how big (weight AND length) she must be!

  3. Yay! So glad both babies are doing good and still hanging out in your belly! Hopefully just another month now. That sounds like an amazing trip for you in laws, but hope they do make it back in time. Congrats to W for the new job. Sounds like a perfect situation! My husband is only going to be able to take a week, which is kind of a scary thought for me, but we'll deal with it.