Saturday, January 19, 2013

We Like to Keep Things Interesting

After my monitoring appointment last Wednesday I heard from the nurses at Dr. Br.averman's office and they said they wanted to see me in Wood.bury Friday for more monitoring. I had expected that and was somewhat happy to not have to work another day last week. On Thursday I was super uncomfortable as I sat in toddler sized chairs. They were not my friend. 

When I called Dr. B's office Thursday around noon to book my Friday appointment the latest option they had was 11 AM. An appointment that early and that far away (5 hours) meant we were in for an early morning.

We packed enough stuff as we expected Dr. B would want to see me Saturday and then we would stay until retrieval. We dropped the dogs off with my MiL on Thursday night and headed home to bed.

We woke up around 5:00 A.M and aimed to leave around 5:30. It had snowed about an inch the night before but we decided to take W's little Ho.nda as it is better on gas and we try to keep the miles off of my Sub.aru. We made it about five minutes down the road when I questioned our car choice. W said it would be fine and that he didn't want to go back to switch the cars.

As W drove I was a bit nervous about his speed. At times he is overly confident when he drives in the snow. 

Fifteen minutes later he lost control of the car. He slipped and turned in one directed and then corrected to slide in the opposite direction. We were headed off the road at about 50 MPH with my side first. 

We came to a stop in a snowy field and took a minute or two or collect ourselves. W realized he could probably drive the car out of the field and successfully did so fairly easily. 

I can't believe how lucky we got that the place we went off the road had no telephone poles, fence posts, animals, big ditches, etc. We were so incredibly lucky to be able to continue on our travels, slightly shaken, but fine otherwise. 

W then drove slowly on the snowy roads. We reached the highway and from that point on the roads were fine. About an hour later I had started to doze off and I heard W say, "Oh, shit!" for the second time that morning. He ended up getting pulled over and got a speeding ticket. All of these things happened before seven thirty. 

From that point on the trip was mostly uneventful. When we hit the George Washington Bridge 2 out of the 4 lanes were closed and we ended up sitting in traffic for about 45 minutes. All in all, we were only about 10 minutes late for our appointment. 

The appointment was fine. When Dr. B came in he said (as I suspected) that we would wait another day to trigger. The follicles weren't quite as large as he would have liked to see them. I know the tech measured twenty follicles on my left ovary and fifteen on the right of all varying sizes. It was be interesting to see how many eggs we end up with. 

Dr. Br.averman told me we would talk the day after retrieval for the fertilization report and then again the next day. By then (day 3) we should have a good idea about quality based on cell division and fragmentation. 

He said he didn't need to see me Saturday so we headed home. We sat in a bunch of traffic but made it home by about 9:15 last night. 

Retrival is scheduled for Monday at 1:30 in Manhattan. I'm a bit nervous about never meeting the RE who will do the retrieval and not knowing any of the nurses. A retrieval in Manhattan will definitely be a new experience too. I'm also a bit nervous about OHSS, as always. We are going to trigger again with Lupron but will also add in an HCG booster shot the day of retrieval. 

A 1:30 PM retrieval means a 3 AM trigger shot tonight. What fun!

I haven't been feeling great the past few days. I tend to get super nauseous close to retrieval and am super uncomfortable. I'm full, nauseous, and have a very small appetite. I'm trying to do my best but feel pretty crappy overall. 

My good friend T who conceived with IVF after 5 years of trying had her baby last night. We actually had plans to hang out with them today and I got a text last night that they were being admitted to the hospital. 

We went to the hospital to hang out for a few hours this evening and got to meet her little guy. He's so ridiculously cute and precious and both T and her hubby B seemed so happy. It really seems like it's all worth it in the end. 

So... trigger tonight and retrieval Monday. I'm so ready to get these eggs out! 

We are headed down to the city tomorrow to stay at T and B's apartment in Queens. If I never have to look at another Menopur box again I will be so happy!


  1. I hope you never have to see another menopur box either! Good luck on Monday! Wow...scary about going off the road! Glad you guys are ok. That baby is super cute with those chunka cheeks :)

  2. Wow what a great number of follicles! I'm so happy for you. I'm glad you made it to your appt safe and sound!

  3. Wow, quite the day you had yesterday!! I am sending you lots of good vibes for this cycle. And that baby is adorable!!!

  4. What a scary trip to your appointment!! Glad you both are okay. I agree, what a great number of follicles. Good luck with your retrieval!!

  5. That sounded so scary sliding off the road. I'm glad you were both ok. Good luck on Monday!!

  6. Liz, you are such a nice person, I would have yelled at my husband incessantly for the rest of the drive for not listening to me about the car choice and almost killing us. I'm glad you are okay, and a sweeter wife than I! :)

    That baby is so cute. Your baby is gonna be so cute too. Yay for so many follies!!! Good luck!!

  7. Wow! What a crazy day! Watch, with all that happening, this will be the cycle that gets you knocked up :p

  8. Good luck Monday. Fingers crossed for some good quality eggies!

  9. Phew, what a weekend!! So thankful you guys are okay after that drive. I have hit a telephone pole myself. NOT recommended.

    Good luck tomorrow!!

  10. What a day! I'm glad everyone is safe. Good luck this afternoon!

    I nominated you for the Liebster Award over at Donating Hope.

  11. Good luck with retrieval and trigger!! I would have been so mad at my hubby but I'm glad you guys are okay!!

  12. Wow.... So many follicles!!!! Good luck!!! I'm crossing my fingers for you!!

  13. That is awesome! Good luck!!!
    P.S. Such a cute blog, I am a new follower also struggling with PCOS and infertility.