Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Thank God For Dogs

When I got home this afternoon I heated up my lunch. It was gumbo and I left it in the glass pyrex dish and popped it in the microwave. As I was carrying it from the kitchen to the living room it slipped out of my hands. I guess I wasn't holding it well because it was so hot. It. splattered. everywhere! It really was unbelievable the mess it made. It even splattered on to the 10 foot ceiling. 

So I did what any pet owner would do. I called the two dogs in and encouraged them to clean up the mess. They did a great job and left little for me to clean up. I wiped down the couch and W had to later get a ladder to clean off the ceiling. The dogs and I were both grateful for each other. 

I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Braver.man for July 31st. W and I will both take the day off from work and make the drive into NYC. I also have an appointment tomorrow with my clinic to see what's keeping AF away. I'm not rushing things and I'm trying to go with the flow and worry less. I'm not going to lie, I'm a little worried I have a cyst or something, but there's nothing I can do about it. 

Lesson of the day? Dogs clean up better than humans!


  1. LOL - we totally do this with our dog as well!!

    I cannot wait for the day that your newborn child pukes all over, and though your instinct is to gag, instead you will call the dog over to lap it up. :)

    Hang in there hon!!

  2. My dog is also great for cleaning up messes! He even (this is so gross!!) eats my cats hairballs when we are away from our house. Gotta love doggies! I am so gald you got an appointment. I hope that he can answer all of your questions and give you a plan for success. Praying you don't have a cyst!

  3. We love our dog & his ability to clean up a mess! Stopping by from ICLW! Hope things go well at your appointment!

  4. On a ten foot ceiling??? How does that even happen???

  5. I can so relate! My dog is the best garbage disposal, pre-rinse cyle for the dishwasher, and floor cleaner! She also has a special talent for bugs, spiders, and ants! I just call her over and she goes nuts playing with the bug and then eats it or at least kills it :) Good luck with your appointment!