Monday, January 23, 2012

IVF #2 CD 5 Another Day, Another Headache

I had an appointment this morning and guess who actually came? W, that's who! It was nice to have his company in the car, as we waited (for a freakin' hour), and on the drive home. It wasn't as nice to compete for the bathroom this morning. Usually the wait is much shorter at the office, but it seems like when he comes for appointments it takes longer. I really think it was just that it was Monday morning and they were busy. I told him it was sensitivity training to see how much of a real inconvenience it all is. I'm letting him off the hook for Wednesday but not Friday. 

The ultrasound went fine and the RN measured 6 follciles around 8-10. When I asked her how many there were she said "a lot." She also said it was a good thing we were doing IVF and not an IUI based on the number of follicles. 

I hate when they take blood and put the gauze and pressure on my arm when the needle is still in. I have a needle in my vein, please don't push hard on it. 

My estradiol came back today at 639. During my last cycle I didn't have my first monitoring appointment until the next day (CD 6), and my estradiol was 249. 

I've been having headaches (as my blog title implies) almost every day. Yesterday it was pretty bad and the Tylenol didn't do anything to touch it. I know it's just part of it, but headaches that last for days aren't fun. I'm also starting to feel my ovaries a lot more. They are definitely getting busy down there.

And now, for your viewing pleasure, a video I took this evening of my dog Togie. She is such a big baby (as you can see when she dodges the bottle I threw to her) but talks a big game. I haven't given her a bottle in a long time and it has been an amusing evening.


  1. Sounds like a great monitoring appointment!

  2. It sounds like everything is going well so far. Bummer about the headaches though. Good luck with the rest of your appointments this week.

  3. Those headaches should go away as you stim a little bit more. The elevated estrogen should help. It sounds like you've got a good amount of follicles already! Best of luck!

  4. Sounds like great progress! Your dog is adorable!

  5. Hi Liz, I just read your last two posts. So glad to see someone is going through the same thing as me, even if it does suck. I am on day 2 of stims and have had a headache since yesterday. Tylenol takes the edge off, but it's back in full force 4 hours later. I'm glad to see you went cross country skiing. I was out earlier this week, then started feeling guilty that I might have overdone it. I really want to get out in the snow again next weekend too. I's a nice diversion from IF. Good luck!