Saturday, January 28, 2012

IVF #2 CD 10 Scared and Coasting

I had another appointment this morning at 9:15. When she started the ultrasound the NP commented on how big my ovaries were. On the right side she just kept clicking and clicking, measuring away. The left side didn't take as long, but there was still a lot of measuring. 

From what I can tell there are 10 measurable follicles on the left: 1x10 mm, 1x11 mm, 3x12 mm, 2x13 mm,  2x 14 mm, and 1x15 mm. On the right there are 10 as well: 1x10 mm, 1x11 mm, 2x12 mm, 1x13 mm, 3x14 mm, 2x15 mm. To be honest, on the database this isn't any more room than for 10 on each side. There may be more but I'm not sure. 

The NP had to call my RE to get his opinion on what to do. I am not to take any more Gonal-F or Menopur. Only Lupron and tomorrow night I take the dose of Cetrotide that they gave me. W has been joking that the 900 pen of Gonal-F that were purchased is going to be our golden ticket. 
Now on to the scary part. My estradiol increased to 7672. Cue Liz freaking out. I go back Monday morning and am hoping my levels decrease some and that I am able to trigger. 

I'm trying to up my protein and electrolyte intake already and plan to continue (thank you awesome commenters for your advice). I had to switch to Vitamin Water because the Gatorade was just too sugary. 

I've definitely got a cold now. Stuffed up nose and head, sore throat, and slight cough. It isn't helping me to feel better about everything. I love immunosuppressant drugs. 

I took a nice long nap this afternoon and am trying to take it easy but I'm scared. I can't believe how high my estrogen is. I'm starting to come to terms with the fact that we may not be transferring our embryos this cycle. I need to do what is best for my health and safety and I realize that may be it. I'm just hoping for some good eggs and embryos to freeze if necessary. 


  1. Crossing my fingers everything works out! My favorite was lemonade flavored Gatorade- not lemon lime!

  2. Awwww, good luck, hon! I know it's scary. I bet your e2 will start to drop off- when we coasted mine went from over 5K down to ~2K. And I never had any OHSS symptoms (of course, I didn't get implantation either, so take it with a grain of salt).

    Another non-sugary electrolyte idea I used- those electrolyte tabs you toss into water bottles for distance running! Actually kindof tasty, and practically no sugar, just electrolytes. I liked the tri-berry flavor of these- and tossed them in with ~16 oz of water.

  3. I know it's scary and I wish things could go smoother for you. I am glad that you are at least getting used to the idea that tranfer may not happen this time around. You need to be prepared just in case. It may not be a problem, but it is always disappointing when your plans don't work out the way you envisioned. Good luck and I hope for the best!