Monday, November 14, 2011


Did you know I'm glad today is Monday? I'm glad because Dr. S is going to call me and I'm going to get some answers. You guessed it, no AF yet.

I'm not glad the weekend is over and the workweek is starting. 

My sanity hit it's worst point Saturday night when I posted. I am feeling more under control now (as under control as I can feel about a situation that is out of my control). I calmed down and spent Sunday still wishing for AF to arrive but feeling less anxious about it all. 

We starting drawing lines, measuring and taping up the bedroom walls to paint. We are painting another design. Can you say huge time investment? Sounds like a great distraction!

Took another HPT this morning and got another negative. Bummer. 

Can I tell you how hard it is to see everyone who I cycled with in the past get through their first trimester, prepare their nursery, buy baby things, and then prepare for the delivery of a baby? Heck, I'm still just preparing for my period. I feel like everyone is leaps and bounds ahead of me.  

Adoption came up this weekend. There is some event this Friday in Syracuse for families who are adopting and both W and I looked at each other and considered it. I may attend and get more information. It sucks we have reached this point....

2 weeks from today we have our appointment with Dr. K (who will from now on be known as Dr. Gere due to his striking resemblance to Richard Gere. I am looking forward to getting a second opinion.
Dr. K

Richard Gere.
See the resemblance?


  1. Ugh, I'm sorry you're still waiting for AF to show. My cycle showed up anywhere from 2-11 days post prometrium or provera whenever I had to use it. The waiting is always the most frustrating part (like every other waiting time in this journey!).

    It's hard to feel left behind in this journey for sure. Sometimes I had to just stop reading people's blogs for a bit if I was in that frame of mind. No reason to needlessly torture yourself. For me, at least, I'm not going to be hurt if you step back from my blog b/c I'm posting belly pics and shit - I get it. That being said, you WILL have a child somehow, someway, and someday YOU will get to post belly pics or adoption pics or whatever.

    Hang in there hon...

  2. Im so sorry you are still in the wait :( Hey! That's my dr! Well, he owns the CNY in our area too. I see one of the other doctors but he's at our clinic a few times a week. He does resemble Gere a bit! I think he's got a gf half his age too haha

  3. So sorry you are in AF limbo. I totally know how you feel. AF never cooperates for me. I can go anywere from 26 to 60 days. And of course it's always the 60 days when I am trying to start a cycle. I have had mixed results with prometrium too. Sometimes got AF right away after stopping, and sometimes never got it. The times I didn't get it was due to a cyst :( Hope that is not the case for you and you get some answers soon. Best of luck to you!

  4. I'm so sorry. Waiting is the hardest part!