Saturday, October 8, 2011


Polyp free is the way to be!! Surgery was Wednesday and everything went fine. This time it was at a surgery center instead of the hospital so I was there a much shorter amount of time. My doc said I started to shake and my body temperature dropped during the procedure, but it wasn't a big deal. I guess I will do anything for those heated blankets, conscious or not.

When Dr.S met the resident prior to the surgery and started to give my history he started with... "Elizabeth and I go way back." It seems his opinion about the miscarriage is that it was caused by low progesterone. Even though this is just an idea, it helps me feel more confident in preventing a miscarriage in the future.

I took Wednesday and Thursday off from work to stay home and relax. It was nice to not be working even though I didn't really feel like I needed the time off.

Dr. S removed at least 1 polyp, I can't remember if there are more. He took me off the BCP's and I need to go back for an appointment some time around 2 weeks. He mentioned doing another sonohysterogram before the FET to make sure everything looks good, but we will see.

He said it is unlikely the polyps would come back, but knowing me, this feels so much more likely. He said he is going to talk with his colleagues and do research to see if there is another recommended protocol. I'm nervous about the future but also feel so ready for another cycle.  


  1. Glad to hear that all went well!!

  2. Did you have a miscarriage after your polypectomy? I had a polypectomy (with a new OB) to fix an incomplete D&C for twins m/c (done by awful OB). 3 weeks after the polypectomy I ovulated naturally for the first time in 10 years (miracle)! Got BFP 12 dpo and then started miscarrying 17 dpo. My OB said that I could start trying right away if I ovulated but I'm concerned that my uterus wasn't ready and that's why I miscarried...any thoughts? I'm seeing a RE Tuesday I just haven't found anyone who has had a similar situation on all the forums.

    1. I have only had chemical pregnancies since the polypectomy. I did have the hysterosonogram repeated to make sure the polyps were gone. My Re thinks I developed polyps due to high levels of estrogen during fresh and frozen IVF cycles. I would think you should wait at least a month before trying again, but sometimes they say you are more likely to get pregnant immediately after. Maybe request recurrent pregnancy loss blood work to see if there is some other immune or clotting issue going on.