Sunday, December 18, 2016

Stella 14 Months

It's getting harder and harder to keep up with these posts. Stella turned 14 months old almost 2 weeks ago but better now than never if I'm going to try to keep up.

SO cute!!

Walking out to the car by herself. 

Election day playground fun 

always the center of attention 

So teeny and cute in her dresses!


She LOVES her Togee

Passed out 

Not so sure of the snow 

Thanksgiving crazies!

So many teeth now

Snoozing and cuddling with her doggie she picked for her birthday 

Christmas pajamas

Big world, little girl 

Getting a smooch from her friend Connor 

Decorating the tree

Little Stella,

You are such a little wild woman. You're in constant motion, even running now to keep up with your big sisters. You say so much and jibber jabber almost non-stop throughout the day. You are repeating and using quite a few words and we can now add pop pop, diaper, poop, sock, sweater, frog, Elmo, Elsa, Olaf, meow, kitty, baa, and I'm back to your repertoire of words. You will try to imitate a lot of words and animal sounds. This past month you nearly doubled the number of teeth you had and went from 4 to 7. Needless to say, sleep wasn't the best. You've also been sick a lot and had a pretty bad cold with lots of coughing. Preschool means your sisters brings home lots of germs. This month you learned how to climb. On to the coffee table to stand up, on to the side table next to the couch, into your box Grandpa Scott made you, on to child sized tables, etc. If I don't watch you at nearly every moment I find you often getting yourself into trouble. It's amazing the difference being mobile (and having big sisters) makes. Your sisters definitely weren't getting into this much trouble at this age. You're getting a little pickier with your eating and just LOVE to feed Togee our dog. She knows it and parks herself right next to your highchair any chance she gets. We've starting having to put her out for meals or you feed her everything. You are still sensitive to dairy and don't do well if you have too much. You still take meds for your reflux as well. We also can't feed the dogs unless you're in your highchair or bed these days since you don't leave them alone. While Togee will still eat that way, I think it scares Pepper away and then he doesn't end up eating. You've had a few good nights of sleep where you were only up once to eat and went right back to sleep, but that's not the norm. I'm hopeful we'll get better sleep when you're not teething or sick. You are beyond exhausting to your mama since you're in constant motion. You're always getting into things or causing trouble, but it's a good thing you're so darn cute. You are the teeniest little walker/runner around. I love putting you in dresses and tights since you're so great at walking. I didn't get to do that with your sisters until they were quite a bit older. You are such an outgoing little girl and are friendly to most people you meet. You weren't super sure of Santa and cried once Clara did, but usually you're great with strangers. I've started leaving you at the childcare spot at the YMCA and you've done really well minus one time where they had to come get me because you were crying. I'm hoping it was just an off day. Most days you only nap once but some days you fall asleep in the morning for a short nap in the car. When you don't take a morning nap you usually have a great 2-3 hour afternoon nap. It's so nice when you sleep at the same time as your sisters and give your mama a break. You're getting so smart and understand so much. You'll point to body parts or family members when asked. I can't believe how big and smart you're getting and how fast time is flying by. I just love you so much and can't imagine our family without you in it. You add so much and are such a little firecracker! I love you my wild child.

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