Monday, September 12, 2016

#Microblog Mondays: First Experience Away From Home

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Lucy and Clara started preschool last Thursday. This is their first experience away from me as I've been home with them pretty much every day. It's two days a week for just shy of three hours, but it's a big change for all of us. 

When I was working I often saw children for speech therapy at their daycare of preschool. That means I've been into every local preschool and knew which ones were better than others. I always liked one in particular that had the same teachers forever and only one class per age. It was small, cozy, and gave me the warm and fuzzy feelings I expected from a preschool. We decided pretty easily on this one even though we did look at two others. 

We had been to visit a few different times so I honestly wasn't worried about how the girls would do without me being there. I was more concerned with how I would do. Leading up to it I was feeling super anxious about it. The idea of leaving them with someone other than a family member was new to me. 

That morning W scheduled his day a little later so that he could be around and come for drop off. Unfortunately, we had different ideas as to how this would look. I felt super frustrated as I was getting the girls all ready and wanting to take pics and he was sitting on the couch eating his breakfast. I thought he stayed home to spend time with the girls, but instead it felt like he was taking a nice relaxing morning for himself. 

We got the girls in the van and drove separate cars to drop them off. Without much fanfare (though I took a lot of pictures), we walked them inside and left them just like that. 

In a sense it was probably good I was busy feeling frustrated with W for not being more involved. As a result,  I felt almost numb to the whole experience of leaving them for the first time. It also helped that I had two evaluations to go and do while they were at school. Tomorrow is the first day that I have nothing planned other than to hang with Stella. I hope we survive our time without our regular sources of entertainment.


  1. Awww! At least they have each other, right? I hope it went well! (I'm going to be feeling the same as you come a few years down the road!)

  2. Good luck and all the best! They are gorgeous!